8 January 2012

Channeler: hilarion

Hilarion, Breaking Out

I am Hilarion and am speaking on the Emerald Ray.

The delusion created by the physical world which rewards you for being heroic in any way and punishes and judges you for being cowardly or to say not stand-up, is dangerous to your spiritual health.

Is dangerous to your spiritual connection within.

If God/ Source is unconditional, which means full oneness with you, then cowardice or any other "undesirable" polarity extreme would not make any difference to God/Source.

Of course, we are operating on the that God/Source is one.

If there is only one, there can be no other.

And if we are not an other in relation to God/Source, than we are one with God/Source.

Almost every system of thought, language, society, religion has been infiltrated with the lie that there is that which God/Source accepts as itself and there is that which God/Source does not accept as itself.

Under these conditions, one might not have ever chosen to leave or extend into the physical existences. Or on better thought, one might have left just in order to escape and to process the possible spiritual trauma of such an experience with such a God/Source.

Fortunately, this is not necessary. We maintain that God/Source is one with everything, including itself. That is the definition of oneness.

Pursuing heroism and other good things is great.

Thinking it matters to God/Source is not great.

Because from there you create a reality within yourself where you carry concepts, energies, themes, and stories which reflect a degree of separation and division within and with God/Source. This induces you to relinquish a real and available experience of oneness with God/Source as you are trying to supposedly grow and improve. This delay is not being dictated by the reality of God/Source. This is not the experience of God/Source and this is what we will realize. There is no of punishment in the mind of God/Source. There really isnt even a of judging. It is not like that.


January 8, 2012
Through hilarion