Channeler: Jon Fox

Because this becomes stronger and clearer and this sort of vibrational interchange from all the levels becomes stronger and clearer, an gets started on your planet that really can't be stopped easily. This then says that those things that are wrong, those things have created harm, those things who stand in the way, these must be swept away. These must be released.

At the same time as this just as it happens in your own human body, just as those areas of weaknesses are the ones most focused on when there is a difficulty, so often these energies have the greatest effect in those areas where there is the maximum karma. Where there is the way in which these energies must be paid in order to balance out the difficulties.

has two strike against it in this regard. It has indeed accomplished much in overcoming this but it has not taken direct steps in order to balance out this karma. So, as a result of various changes that occur on can focalize there, can manifest there similarly to how these affect any area of weakness in any system.

So those two aspects, one we have spoken to you in the past during World War II, not only the manifestation of kamikaze but the promulgation that it was valuable to give up your own life in order to promote a cause, in order to create great harm to others. This has been taken up by many around the world by many as suicide bombing; a direct link to the destruction of oneself in this regard can be seen. This is of course, not only the destruction of the body, but it is done in such a dramatic way that it has so much inspiring capability that it shifts the consciousness of so many.

The other is the long-standing period of strong domination that Japan has held over China that here is a country so much larger and yet seen as inferior, and the to dominate, to extract from that country through fear and to then have one's way with it in so many ways this goes on in history a long time in Japanese history. The direct to make amends for this has always been available to Japan and yet it has not taken on consciously. It is a similar energy that took on the idea of political payoffs, various corner cutting, areas in which poor manufacturing techniques were utilized for political gain, economic gain, lining the pockets of those who needed it in the construction of nuclear reactors.

This is not only in Japan, this has taken place all over the world. This is why right now a significant reevaluation of nuclear power plants is taking place all over the world. As people are taking a look not so much at the political, not so much at where those monies went as simply what is happening. Are they ready to withstand earth quakes, tsunamis, various types of natural disasters, even a complete power grid failure and so on?
Hilarion on The Japanese Tsunami

These are valuable questions to ask. They are of course only interim questions since the deeper fundamental question about the technology is still not fully being considered. Is this a wise use of humanity's of the atom, of the fundamentals of what is happening in a nuclear reaction and so on. Is this the best use of this information? We have never recommended this as the best way to produce power on your planet, but at the same time, everyone who uses the power is then in kahoots, in a co-operative relationship with those who produce the power and the way in which this would seem so important is often false. You can live without this if you chose, but most people don't because they are willing simply to turn a blind eye to this, not listen to the earth herself or look at what is happening. So in this sense, the deeper responsibility with all of this can be felt on many levels.

But our intent here is not to provoke guilt or to bring you to a place in which you are going to go to these places and destroy them because humanity has been given this opportunity for the exploration and opportunity for nuclear exploration for a purpose. It is to better understand the very made sure of matter itself, to better allow you the understanding of vibration. The power of this data has been observed that only a single atom can produce a huge amount of energy that Einstein's equation E = mc squared is true and you understand its power.

This is difficult for many people to accept. It means that the tiniest of atoms that might compose the tiniest bit of a fingernail or a bit of your hair is that which has to run every aspect of all the energy you would need for your entire life for transportation for food; for communication and everything else that you use energy for. As you understand this, you have a deeper appreciation, a deeper love, a deeper respect and can eventually find opportunities to share this energy in ways that are not harmful to the earth or to other people.

Hilarion on the "Housing Crunch"

Now, there are those who ask questions of a more practical nature relating to the "Housing Crunch," as it is sometimes called and of course we must ask at the spiritual level about these matters because that is what you will take with you. You're not going to take a house, be it that which you were able to prevent from being foreclosed or that which you were able to buy for all cash or that which you are able to rent. There is an important reason for this beyond that which of the aspect of physical or nonphysical because of course when you are nonphysical you still connect to earth. Her people here are interesting to most of you and the things that go on here are those which take up a lot of your time and interest.

But, it is the simple idea that is one of the unique aspects that was brought forth by many of the native civilizations especially those in North America. So, it is no accident that this is where the foreclosure crisis has its roots and as it spreads elsewhere in the world this deeper reminder, the question,&; can you buy and sell mother Earth?&; Can you own this world? Of course you cannot in terms of what you let go behind you when you pass into the world, but, oftentimes those aspects that are somehow within your consciousness as an answer to this that you somehow cannot keep you from a deeper welling of creativity and understanding of possibility and ways in which you could then exist with less in the way of financial difficulty.

Because of course the solution to this as we have spoken about so often and the push that is behind all of this and allowed from the nonphysical realms of the positive, of the guides and helpers, the teachers, is community. A way in which you will work with others, that you will share resources. It will no longer be that of the supposed dyad, or nuclear family, or some small group that is separated from everyone else. You'll have to interact with them and in doing so create that which is of greater love, a greater sharing, a greater understanding.

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One of the reasons is the powerful galactic shift from Pisces to Aquarius, a reminder to you of the true nature of your being, to move out of the shadows and into the light with a place of deep, powerful , love. Yet, this energy as you would understand and work with it is re-manifested regularly and so we see the regime change in North Korea. With a great shift of energy of this nature, many of the people there pray; cry forth with their own energy in their own way, it might not be a prayer necessarily as you understand it but still as a collective consciousness,” let us join the rest of the world. Let us find freedom. Let us make this our reality”

It is important to recognize that the communication about what has happened in what was the great changes in the , the great shifts on your planet in the last year, the and the list goes on and on, these have reached the hearts and minds of the North Korean people. They do understand these things not with the detail perhaps but the idea perhaps that this is possible.

So the tremendous opportunity that was brought forth, there is great talk of revolution, there is great talk of many changes, but it is hoped that they will also recognize the tremendous benefit of peace. The opportunity for this to be a peaceful shift through some sense of a change in the personality of the leadership, this is mirrored: a greater degree of kindness, a possibility for love is now brought forth for Kim Jong Il and will this be taken or not is the great question for the people right now.

The Korean people themselves will assist with this more than anything else.One of the great lessons karmically for these people is that by being isolated from the world a unique opportunity has presented itself. This was never the original intent of Kim Jong Il but still this opportunity for these energies to be presented still is present. His own energy as a re-manifestation of a re-balancing of karma naturally mirrors this.

This is the idea that those who have created or been willing participants in the creation of various forms of negative karma on planet earth now have a place where they can land. Where they are able to interact with these energies in the way of suffering, starvation in particular and other energies these are the political leaders, regime changers, powerful beings in various positions who have reached some degree in which they must have physical incarnation but at the same time must not be allowed to harm others or be in position for their own karma to re-create this chaos and difficulty in their soul and in the world simultaneously.

Thus, the political leaders from the Civil War era in USA, political leaders in Nazi , political leaders in Communist China, these individuals incarnating at this time in North Korea to work out and understand many of these things as common people, as peasants, to then re-create for themselves this karma. One of the powerful karmic lessons as they are studying and working with the law of karma is internal. The way in which the balancing can take place, in which a greater love might be manifested.

That is the great opportunity. The Korean people have not yet fully grasped this but this is a wonderful time to assist them. If you might imagine for yourself something loving, perhaps somebody you care for deeply. Imagine that you are embracing them or you are speaking words of love to them or they are speaking them to you. It need not be a human being you may have this kind of feeling for an animal, a pet perhaps, perhaps a child but in any way in which you have this let it envelop your heart. Let it be a feeling that you may breathe.

Recognize within it is a wave of energy that expands outward from you. You are bigger than just your own physical body with this energy. It moves out three or four feet, a meter or two away from you and bigger and bigger than that. When it reaches the end of the emerald light cylinder which we spoke of earlier that is the time to see it instantly transported to North Korea. An energy now simply sent to this place with a feeling behind it, do with this as you see fit, feel and know this love as a real possibility for engaging each other, for assisting with the changes on your world, in your lives, in your countrymen and women but also within your political leaders, then the possibilities for your race, for your reality, for your country.

This is always the issue when the Universal issue is the law of karma. Because there is this higher solution that dissolves karma, that melts it, that shifts it, that allows the karmic balance back and forth endlessly with the ages comes to a halt. The sense that both are loved, the sense that the perpetrator and the victim as one are held in the arms and in the loving hands of your own God self, your own Christ energy.

Hilarion through Jon Fox