31 December 2011


I am Hilarion. Good Day.
I am present to discuss "how can I access my own Master ?"
As this seems to be coming up for many who dont feel they are already doing that.
Here is my answer.

Ask your Master Self to help you to work with this between the two of you,
this collaboration between the two of you.

If you have previously asked and are not experiencing inner spiritual progress and connection
within your own system,
I would advise you to ask your Master Self
" why are you not doing a better job in helping me to work together with you consciously? "
Then give it a couple of weeks.
Maybe you will notice a growing connection, an expanded perception or experience of the
of the core and the fabric of life.

If you dont, I would have a very serious sit down with your Self and lay it out once more.
And give it a couple more weeks.

If at that time you havent gotten any inkling of improving connection,
you may want to consider asking for ,however temporary,
from lightworkers or teachers who claim to be able to reestablish connection circuits
between your physical and many parts or levels of your higher.

You are going to need guidance.
Guidance comes through connection.
With an extra added element of oneness in the mix.
If the connection between you and Self is not in place and growing,
get some help and see how that works.

The way you know if the assistance is working is
Your own connection with Your Master Self
will start improving and becoming present, fluid, and regular.

This is my very best advice as 2012 is rolling in like thunder.
May you all, each and every one, realize or continue to realize,
experience or continue to experience,
that You yourself are Source.
This is part of the meaning of " it is the same, it is the same."

May you all continue to be blessed, each and ever day, each moment,
as you all know and feel that you must come closer to your self.


through hilarion
DECEMBER 31,2011