30 January 2012
Channeler: hilarion

Your physical energies, meaning the frequency of your physical tissue and the frequencies of the layers around your physical body must learn to relax.

In this way they form a matrix into which your vaster energies can fit.

Everything must blend.

But how would substances blend if they remain so vastly different?

So, how do we prepare these physical/etheric energies to become a changed spiritual substance more similar to the deeper, more textural, and vaster energies of our high/deep spirit?

When we view your energies on earth in the context of your energies in spirit, which did you know that those energies actually surround you from every direction, it is just that you have not made them part of your human system yet, we see that an effective way to support the of the substance of your physical /energies is to actually relax those energies. We do not mean relax your mind, although that is part of your energy, though perhaps not as deep.

So accessing your energies directly we would like you to ask them to relax.

In the of energy, relaxation is equivalent to standing down.

Though, this is only true in the initial stages as the energetic substance can then transform and become the deeper, its own unfolding potential.

Deeper and deeper layers of your petals unfolding, which experientially within the spiritual human feel llike a deepening of the every spiritual tissue we are made of.

You will remember, that many spiritual paths defeat the rational mind, or, we say more accurately the irrational mind, as a precursor to the persons system opening to deeper possibilities and experiencing the inflow of those spiritual realities.

You may use any meditative , breathing, light flow, spiritual method that works for you, that awakens you.

We simply ask you to express your intent to your within and around you, after greeting them, that you would like them to experience an inner alchemy in which their very substance and consciousness would be transformed, a sort of reawakening as a deeper substance, more in tune, and in the nature of, and having the capacity to hold the vastness and depth of their complete being.

The mission of your energy bodies is to support you and your spirit, your existence.

They will not change their program unless you consciously appear and explain to them what and why, or otherwise they would feel they are deserting their mission, the way in which they are evolving as part of your whole, and supporting your overall evolvement.

So, when you explain that your goals are the same and remain the same and that these alchemies of transformation of the substance and consciousness of these energies is indeed to become more deeply our self.

Now, your energy bodies must have confidence in your coherency, that you have properly investigated and that this is a true plan, not some willy/nilly thing to do, sort of the technique of the month, that you are reliable. Why do we introduce such a dualistic sentence right here, having a dualistic energy? Well, it is simply to lead you quickly and directly into this truth, that for your energy bodies to have confidence in you, you must have proper function. The ability to examine, process, and reason. Only when you Believe In Yourself is this possible. If you do not believe in yourself, you will not be able to examine and reason in a way that can at least intuit more of your totality, you will not have the confidence to examine, the confidence to explore realities, allowing you to walk through this reality of this world into other realities that you find. The duality experience of this previously becoming world has been based on completion and incompletion. If completion is necessary for you to have confidence in yourself , then you are a fool, for you will never penetrate to your Self, within this 3D model which will not allow you to win that way. See it for what it is, and trust in the God/Source given mind/heart that is unconditioned within you and still , even now, beholds you with the honor and love that is the truth when the 3D projections are removed from the formula. complete, complete acceptance, even in your current 3D state. So don’t delay fulfilling any 3D born injunctions that will never lead you to their promise, At the same time, reject nothing!

These are but a couple of examples of some of what the personal experience may be like of the alchemical change and deepening of your physical and energetic structure.

So to summarize, greet your energy bodies, tell them you want your whole being to go deeper in your source nature and that you want to work together with them for all of you to undergo this change into a greater and deeper version of yourself.

Check your feeling to feel there is agreement and the feeling of peace, then ask your higher guidance to come in and support your being with the organization and protection during the following changes. They know to protect you, we only mention so you will not worry.

Then ask you energies to stand down from their mission and work and instructions , goals they are currently in alignment with, and tell them they will then feel themselves going into a sort of sleep, a deeper spiritual state, after which they will reawaken in a more cosmic state, one more reflective of the grandeur, scope , and depth of their being, of your being, of you.

This is the change to the deeper, more textural, and more vast spiritual substance that is required for your physical focus of existence to undergo the changes necessary to appreciate, meaning resonate, with the higher and highest realities within.


through hilarion

January 30, 2012