1 January 2012

Channeler: 's Daughter of

You tend to be extremely linear creatures Earthlings. Especially when it comes to time and dates. This is simply a fact, by that We mean it is neither , nor bad, it simply is.

The different patterns you follow are like a shining beacon – lighting your path, keeping hope alive.

A long, long time ago, compartmentalizing time in hours, days, weeks, seasons, years… was much more important than . So many things you did not understand. Through the centuries and Milenia, you acquired knowledge and wisdom.

However, now still, all these time boxes help you maintain some structure or order in the chaos that is life.

Yes, there is an order to life, a cycle – messy in appearance, but with great purpose. You may know more today than when you did while living in caves, but you do not necessarily know better. The external world and your outside ways of life made so many of you lose track of the cycles of Nature and concentrate too much on , structures and calendars.

Overly focusing on dates based on various calendars – almost obsessively – is counterproductive. Just like staring at the train schedule so intently that you miss your train when it passes by, either early, late, or right on time.

The ancients had a to start their calendars, and a to stop producing one, and it is not necessarily for the motives you (or others) are giving them. All that We will say is that they were – and still are – very wise. That is all you need to know.

You should always be mindful of where you place your attention on and on the emotions you choose to hang around in. Whether you are in peace or in fear, you will pretty much always end up being right.

We know that dates mean a lot to you as a species: births, deaths, weddings, holidays, key events – either collective or personal – are all attached to specific dates.

Time is flexible. So is .

And both are neutral. You are the ones who give them meaning or "properties".

Yes, events occur all over the and beyond. They always have, and they always will. If ever civilizations were to fall, it would not be the first time.

You are very resilient people. You just have to look back at your history to see how amazingly managed to bounce back time and time again.

For something new to emerge, something else has to die or disappear. That is how Nature works.

The thing is, you, as a species carry many great attachments, which often makes it more challenging for you to see the bigger picture and release what no longer serves the highest good of all.

You have made great accomplishments in releasing and letting go, many of you have a lot more work to do still. That is normal. We mean for centuries, the human part of you completely disregarded the spirit part of you. And while you are in body, you will have some attachments. That is part of being human. The key is in your ability to let go of things, beliefs and people when circumstances or events require you too.

It is okay to be human and go through human experiences and emotions. Never feel guilty for or ashamed of having human/Earthly reactions. Embrace all that you are. Accept all that you are. That is part of your journey.

Nature is simple. In its simplicity resides all of its beauty.

When life gets complicated and you feel lost, take cues from nature. You will find your way back to yourself through the purity of Nature. After all, it only strives to BE.

Some of the big events you have experienced and will continue to go through are related to human activity or accelerated by it. Many of them are not.

It is not personal. You are not the only one on your journey, you could say. All consciousness is connected, but each has its role to play in the puzzle of the universe.

There are a lot of expectations and fears linked to this 2012 of yours. Still, you do not have to listen to any of it. If you thought there was a lot of chatter during your 2011, you better get yourself some good earplugs so you can still hear your heartbeat and what it has to tell you.

You can keep up with all the theories and the predictions if you want to, it is your life and your choices after all. We are simply reminding you that where you spend your time will affect your journey.

Your life, your agenda. You have every right to follow someone else's date book if you will. It is important to know who you are serving, if you will. For their true motives are often very well hidden.

For Us, daily introspection, noticing how you feel and paying attention to how the rest of the world (planet, other beings, even the sun, the stars and the moon) feel compared to you will be far more helpful in your act of daily living/being than keeping up with all the different dates circled on the calendars of the planet.

Also, maintaining personal balance, healthy relationships and boundaries with others and with the Earth, advancing your own journey and actually working on the dreams, projects and life calling you came here for is what truly matters.

Tell Us, all the great beings or persons you admire, how did they accomplish the amazing things that they managed to do? Did they do do by focusing on calendars, hidden or unconcealed agendas (personal, governmental or corporate) or did they simply follow their own heart/personal calendar?

Your contribution to making your world and the one of others better do more for the advancement of this planet and your species than you can imagine.

Life is an endless cycle.

The Maple seed germinates, grows into a magnificent tree and eventually dies. Naturally or otherwise. Its only concern is fulfilling its purpose as a Maple tree. It does not envy the Pine or the Oak trees next to it, for it knows they each have a unique and precious gift to offer the world.

The Maple is content to be a Maple. Grateful for every new day, for the sun, the seasons, the rain. Thankful for all the visitors who connect with it.

Death does not worry it, for if the Maple were to fret about death, it would not be living fully.

You know you attract what you focus on – as an individual and as a collective. Always remember that. While you cannot make anybody else believe in something they wish to deny, you can live your life based on your beliefs and your truths. Well, most of you can. There are still parts of the world where standing up for your convictions is an act that threatens your own life.

When you get the urge to focus on the external chatter and the fear, instead of thinking of yet another (or many others) possible end of the world date(s), We suggest that you spend some time reviewing your own journey calendar.

Think of personal dates that hold special meaning to you. For instance the day you truly embarked on your path, or that you met a , a friend, a future mate… The day you unearthed a particular gift or talent. The day you shed a heavy load you had been carrying for years or lifetimes. The first day you dared to be yourself… There are so many uplifting events in your life you can be thankful for and proud of.

Celebrate those dates. Rejoice in all your accomplishments. Remember the milestones of your life.

The high vibrations these dates hold are an eternal source of fuel that will keep you strong when the outside world looks frightening, gloomy and grey.

Nobody knows when the life cycle of a specific person will end so it can begin another. Here or elsewhere.

No matter what date appears on the calendar you follow; your life, your strength, your mission, your dreams is where you should be spending your energy.

Whatever is meant to happen will, whether you were sitting patiently waiting for it to happen or whether you were fully immersed in something you are truly passionate about. The only difference coming from the variation in approach will be the distance travelled in your journey.

Predictions, hype and trends vary from day to day, but what is in your heart/higher self is immutable, constant.

You are what matters most in your world. Being you is what is most important. Having the courage to be yourself changes everything.

And We know how downright difficult your society makes it for you to safely be you. It is understandable considering how it thrives on conformism and how it is threatened it is by uniqueness and nonconformity.

Personal discernment and the voice of your own heart should always be your guide. It is especially important to remember that when the external noise seems to be drowning everything else.

No matter how noisy it gets, remember the sound and feel of your own voice. You should always listen to it, for you know what rings right and true to you. That applies to all aspects of your life.

Follow your own personal unchartred calendar. It is the only one that matters on your journey.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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