Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

Wednesday, 4 January, 2012  (posted 9 January, 2012)

I've been trying to make it home

Got to make it before too long

I can't take this very much longer, no

I'm stranded in the sleet and rain

Don't think I'm ever gonna make it home again

The mornin' sun is risin'

It's kissing the day

Oh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'

I don't know where I'll be tomorrow…

This month, the Great Wheel turns. Slowly. Momentum is on the upswing. Slowly. Do you hear it? Do you hear the creaking of the Wheel as ancient bones begin to turn?

This, then, is the month that discernible Change becomes part of your everyday awareness. You might not yet feel it, but your new world is just on the horizon. Waiting for you to realize it is there.

Oh, sure, change happens all the time. There are measurable cycles of human experience where we routinely feel that great change is about to occur. That sense is part of what keeps us going, part of what gives us hope for a better future.

At the same time, there is a difference in the air this month. You really do have the chance – now, if you take it – to walk into a new world. To step into what is yours and claim your happiness. To flow with the movement of the Great Wheel and to add your weight to its creaking bones, lending your heart and mind and soul to the great flood of change that is coming our way.


This is the month to claim yourself.

How do you step into your power? How do you know you are making choices that lead you through the door of flow?


. And check in.


Let's do it now, together. Think of a choice you are about to make. Big or small. A choice that you are thinking about but have not yet fully stepped into. Got one? Great. Let's go on.

Are you sitting down? Awesome. Place your feet flat on the floor. Feel them? Feel into your feet now. What do you feel? Pain? Tingling? Buzzing? Warmth? Coolness? Really feel your feet. Breathe now. Breathe down into your feet.

Now, ask yourself a question. Something like this: "Is the choice that I am about to make a choice that supports my walk through the door of flow? Is this choice part of my journey to claim my power?"

Ask the question. Say it out loud.

Now feel. Feel into yourself. What is there? You already dropped into a feeling place when you felt your feet. The answer is likely right there. Inside you. What do you feel?


There you go. Now you know.

January is all about walking into a shining ray of clarity. Look for it. Try not to overthink it. Just rest in the knowing that you will likely create – with no extra discernible effort on your part other than feeling into your choices – a path to stepping into your power this month. This path will serve you all year and beyond. You are turning the Great Wheel. Kissing the day.


Slow and steady wins the race. This is foundation stuff here this month, so try not to – ahem – be in a hurry. Take each day for the shining gift that it is. Let every dawn and dusk teach you something new. Use your time wisely. Reflect on each day – did I complete my tasks? Was I kind today? Did I see something beautiful? Did I make a difference? Each time you ask yourself those questions – and then feel into your body for the answers – you strengthen your inner compass. You take a step toward claiming your power. You crack the door into flow open just a little wider.

Try not to allow individual days to color your entire month. January is a spectrum. Some of the month will likely feel beautiful, flowing, free. Some of the month will feel cramped, dark, or like hard work. Let the overall flow of the month be your guide rather than a single moment or single day. Just remember that overall you are walking toward your next steps. Let you inner feeling compass guide you and be your night star. Each night as you prepare to rest, ask yourself one more question: What may I learn tomorrow?

: I know what is in my heart.


January is an internal month. You may feel left in the cold, a wintry reminder of our eternal search for warmth and connection. Allow your compass to guide you here as well, and to help you remember that you inner quest is much like the inner quest of the people who populate your world.

When you triumph, so do those around you. When you despair, so do those whom you love. Connections intertwine more inextricably this month. When you inhale, you breathe in the essence of those who love you. When you exhale, you give the people in your life your gift of inner essence. Breathe now. Remember that you breathe with and for those who love you and those whom you love. Your air is theirs. Your steps are linked. Your paths embrace and intertwine.

A greater sense of the eternal nature of our connections may bring up sadness for you this month, especially if you are not feeling as connected to and intimate with your loved ones as you wish to. Remember that you have choice in your connections. Try to allow space and time in your day for intimacy, even if it is only a momentary meeting of the eyes of a passing stranger. Give those eyes the gift of your heart, of YOU, with nothing asked in response, and observe what you receive in return. This is the building of real intimacy, of true engagement with others. As the Great Wheel begins to turn this month, it begins to turn toward intimacy and connection. Let your path be among those that guide us into the future.

Affirmation:  I AM a gift of love.


The glue that binds personal inner growth also binds communities this month. After months of moving apart and reforming, new interest in community expression surfaces this month. If you are a community-seeker, this may be the month to expand your heart into the possibilities that lie all around you. Your heart-waves will attract heart-waves of other community-seekers, and connections begin to form this month, often in seemingly unlikely places. Remember that kindred spirits often emerge in forms that are unexpected.

Spend some time this month, then, thinking about whom you wish to spend your time with. Be specific. What qualities in other people light you up? (hint: what qualities do you most admire in yourself?) How many friends do you need to feel truly supported? How often do you need contact? How deeply do you wish to connect? Do you prefer long languid conversations that meander over dinner, or engaging in activities that get your heart beating? The more thought you put into what truly feels good to you in terms of your community, the better you will use your available time and the better a support system you will co-create.

Affirmation: I AM a link that connects hearts around me.

Global Politics

What a rollercoaster ride! American politics are so…dismal, aren't they? Do you see much hope on the horizon? If you do not, then you, like so many people, are stuck in the polarization that has been on the rise for months now. Be patient. The polarizing effect is a smokescreen for real change. It is an illusion, but a necessary one. Be patient and hold on. The ideals you seek – no matter what "side" you now find yourself on – are present and being supported.

Globally, it is another story. Expect a continuation of jockeying for position among several superpowers. Expect lies and illusion coming from and . Expect smaller European countries to continue to struggle. Eventually, alliances will occur that will strengthen the bonds between countries, but this month the illusion continues. Be patient. Hold space for the expansion of the heart-space of the collective consciousness. Be aware that will manifest in many unexpected forms.

Affirmation: I AM a space-holder for heart expansion.

Earth Changes

The Great Wheel turning has an inevitable effect upon Mother Gaia. Growing pains and groaning bones translate into earth tremors and seismic activity that may bring devastation before month-end.

And as the human population walks into great change and an opening of consciousness, many species may choose to exit. Try not to take this as evidence of failure, but perhaps as evidence of completion of part of a cycle that is emerging into a new one. As some species disappear from the planet, others evolve into newness. This is the way of change.

Affirmation: I AM willing to be a part of the change that occurs around me.

Global Spiritual Changes

Personal inner growth frequently translates into great shifts in overall consciousness. As you yourself claim your power this month, so too does the planet, walking now into a doorway that leads to new horizons. You have much to look forward to. This is your home, your planet, your traveling place and your playground. You are a caretaker of this place and of the hearts that walk here; attending to your own journey can only but enhance the collective path we all walk.

Affirmation: I expand and create worlds.

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