January 2012


In the 2012 predictions I used the word in many different ways because we will, over the course of this year and beyond, have a much different perspective on than we have ever had before. We have looked at in a very simple way in the past, we used the term ‘having no ’ when we feel tired and ‘being full of ’ when we feel motivated and enthusiastic.

But it’s a far more complex process than that, as we will learn because energy is what moves us, the earth and the Universe, we are affected by and in control of it, and we’re either working with it or against it.

We are energetic beings, which is expressed in our physical body. Our muscles move because their neural synapses fire, much like a spark plug in a car. Our heart is an electrical pump and our entire nervous system works in the same way as the electrical wiring in our houses. These are automatic processes that we don’t think about and yet we can control them with our thoughts. We can make ourselves sick, just as we can make ourselves well. We can raise our energy, as well as deplete it. And as we become more conscious of our place in the Universal energetic field we can become an active participant in its flow, moving and directing it at will, because that
is one of the roles we play as co-creators of our lives and of the Universe.

Energy is present in everyone and , it is part of the air we breathe and within and on the earth. All of has become more conscious of the earth’s energy, its precious natural resources and how we interact with it physically. But we also interact energetically with the earth, which is why we are attracted to some places and not others. It’s also why we are affected by the movement of the planets and the weather. We can affect that too, by monitoring and choosing our thoughts because we are both part of the earth energetic matrix and responsible for its vibrational levels. As partners with the earth, we are also partners in its evolution and ascension.

Everything in our reality is an energetic construct, a reality that is nothing more than a reflection of our energy. With conscious intentional shifts in our energy, up or down, our reality has to shift accordingly. And this works on all levels, within humanity, the earth and the Universe. As we set an to integrating ourselves with our divinity and highest vibrations, that is magnified throughout humanity, the earth and the Universe.

Imagine what would happen if everyone did this, every day. We would allow everything, everywhere to express its highest vibrations and divinity and this would indeed create heaven on earth.