January 8, 2012

All of humanity – each and every one of you – are eternal and inseparable aspects or parts of God. You know this because so many enlightened ones, mystics, guides, and teachers have repeatedly told you that this is so, and because that knowledge is buried deep within each one of you – mostly it is hidden from you by your choice to maintain and believe in the illusion – it is there awaiting your uncovering of it. And this is the age in which that will happen for all who truly desire it – the vast majority of you. You are done with the illusion! It has been a long and painful experience, and you have made the decision to awaken. . . . Hallelujah!

We in the spiritual realms, who have always been with you to provide guidance and support when you ask for it, are overjoyed that you have finally made the collective decision to awaken, and we are here to guide and assist you in any way we can. Remember, you are never without help or guidance; you need only ask, and then be quiet and listen, and an answer will occur to you. It may not be what you expect, so keep an open mind – fixed ideas and beliefs are aspects of the limitations with which the illusion ensnares you.

As you move closer to the moment of your awakening you will find yourselves releasing and discarding ideas, beliefs, and certainties that no longer serve you, as you open into the infinite creative magnificence of God’s Love. You are going to be on a roll, and it will be exciting, amazing, and extremely entertaining, because the good times are coming.

Ever since the moment at which you chose to attempt to experience existence separated from your Father it has been His Will that you release yourselves from that condition and enjoy once more the Reality of oneness with Him. He has waited patiently and lovingly for you to make that choice, and He has made constantly available to you the help, guidance, knowledge, and wisdom to enable you to do so. Now that you have made that choice, nothing can prevent you from putting it into effect.

It is a choice of great significance and importance which is leading to the complete disintegration and dissolution of the illusion in which you had immersed yourselves so deeply that it hid Reality from you, and had apparently enclosed you in an environment that, however fiercely you struggled to survive, always led inevitably to your physical death. And that death was one of the main aspects of the illusion that convinced you that you were beings separate from each other and from your Father, as death always took away those you loved and caused you immense suffering, intensifying your sense of aloneness and abandonment. But it is an illusion, and you are going to move out of the dark fog in which it seems to have enshrouded you, as you are becoming increasingly aware of its ephemeral and insubstantial nature.

Your destiny is to awaken and find yourselves at Home in your Father, and at one with each other in your natural state of divine grace. This state is what you have been desperately missing and attempting to replace with the various forms of pleasure and enjoyment that the illusion seemed to offer, but which never could provide you with any lasting satisfaction, being, in truth, quite unreal.

The era of the illusion is drawing to a close, and it will just dissolve and subside into the nothingness from which it seems to have been created, leaving not even a trace to disturb you with unsettling memories or dreams as you float freely and eternally in the soothing balm of Reality – the infinite universe of divine Love that is all that exists. It is a state of perpetual and ineffable bliss, a state in which nothing is desired or needed because it is already eternally present, a state where nothing is too good to be true!

Your loving brother, .