A from Lord Ling
Channeled by:
January 05, 2012

Hello dear children, I was filled with exquisite when I knew I was coming forth to deliver a message to all of you. Many of you know me better as Moses. I am also known as the God of Happiness, and God Ling. May it be known through our transmission today, God is bestowing upon all of you, His children – unending unconditional love and breathtaking light.

Today we will speak about many things involving one and that is YOU. There is much to gain from all the hard and effort you have put in so far on your journey into the light of God and His love that has always been there for you. And through all the lessons and many challenges that are both daily and for spiritual growth, you are learning the importance of maintaining balance of your male and female energies as well as your inner power, , love and much more. The greatest quality you have to give to yourself and to others is LOVE. Pure and simple; straight from the with no strings attached.

Learning to trust in the energies of those around you has been difficult and is required dear ones. When you are capable of completely trusting those that are with you, the ones supporting and guiding you; you are then working as a team. You are co-creating more Light in your surrounding environment. And this beautiful Light that is filled with your unconditional Love is extended onto those you pass by, you speak to, and who you are in contact with. Your selfless efforts are helping evolve not just yourself but aiding in everyone else’s evolution on their spiritual quest as well.

There are great energies to be enjoyed when you are helping others because of the goodness of your beautiful heart. You will find that is immeasurable and these energies will continue to flourish as you continue to grow from the many things you learn and absorb into your mind, body and spirit. Being mature in the heart and way of loving unconditionally will enable and progress you along your journey even further dear ones.

Dear ones you must first learn to grow through conflict and find . This will take time and cooperation from all sides. When positive growth is established from learning how to solve problems through unity and utilizing these efforts into positive action for the greater of good for ALL, you will find yourself moving along with more understanding and wisdom. It is important dear ones through the changing times to Trust in God and in yourself for where you are heading on our journey. Even through your many guides, it is still you that is responsible for where your journey takes you because you are the one deciding which way, or what to do next. Allow the answer to what to do next to materialize through your heart. This can be achieved from meditation, or simply asking. Patience is required while waiting for your answer dear ones as we of the Divine do not hold time as important as you dear souls do.

I see daily, the happiness on faces of those that work side-by-side their guides, whom some are Masters. They have learned to find compatibility with those that have chosen to work with them. Compatibility comes with great understanding and an inner sense of knowing that between you and the spiritual one you are working with there are powerful energies being combined that are benefiting you for the soul purpose of your spiritual journey that will increase your Joy and Happiness in your personal life.

There is always a time in your day no matter how busy you are to find joy in the things that you do and what is around you. You have been given countless gifts from God that many do not recognize as gifts from the fine gentleman in Heaven. All the toiling you do, the information you absorb from classes or private study has been gifted to you by God. It is perceived that you are buying the items you desire, but it has been God and your guides guiding you all along seeing to your comforts because of joy, happiness and LOVE for YOU.

Increase your Faith in God and in the attention He has given you. Seeing with new eyes will unfold an entire new area of being thankful. Being thankful in itself is a very healing attribute dear ones and is recommended to be done as often you deem it necessary. What resonates in your loving heart will let you know through gentle and subtle nudges how you are progressing. We already approve of how much you have accomplished so far, and we love all the effort and determination you have put into discovering the many aspects that create YOU. Yet it is you that needs to know from us and within yourself how well you are doing. Believe dear ones in our loving guidance and support we have given you so far. You are truly a treasured being of Light. Do not judge yourself too harshly or give yourself unnecessary criticism. Look back at where you were when you first answered that Call of Light that came from God’s heart, beckoning on your return to the Oneness of ALL that is. The unity that you have been focusing on is in the making and becoming more apparent every single day. We thank you for all that you have done and we; I ask of you to continue with your selfless service unto God and the Light that is freeing so many from the darkness that claimed their hearts for so long. Each of you are Shining Stars. And I am very proud to be here today telling you this. Being the God of Happiness does not express how much Joy I am feeling at this very moment. Visualize my presence by the Bright Gold Flame I carry; know and believe in your heart that it is I, Lord Ling surrounding you with my joyous Light and surrounding you with my own never-ending love.

As we close I urge you to move through your day with the Joy of Love in your heart, spreading happiness wherever you go.

And so it is, Master Lord Ling through Julie Miller