Message from Ascended Master,
Channeled by:
January 04, 2012

, it has been a long time since I have spoken through this dear vessel. So much has transpired since our last conversation that was transmitted and there is so much more to go over today. Before we begin, I wish to extend my pure love that is filled with unconditional and Brilliant Light to each and every one of you.

There is no time like the present Dear Hearts to assume more of a role in raising the Light of this world. You do this dear ones every time you act, think, and speak with pure love that lives inside your . We are aiming for planetary and universal oneness with all that is holy, profound and for love of all and every human, creature, plant, etc.

The many high qualities of yourself, , Compassion, and require focus on perfecting and mastering. on these wonderful God-like qualities will forward you along the way to your Divine Heart that is eternally linked with God. Expand your thoughts and actions beyond the Ego. And assure yourself that thinking and acting through the heart will bring you more love, joy and harmony and many more spiritual rewards that will indeed effect your life. As you expand beyond the Ego you are also increasing the quality of life for yourself and for others that share this world with you.

Working together for the greater good of mankind, being selfless and doing the work of God in all you do will bring this into effect even closer than before. There are already many already working, collaborating their ideas, becoming one even with their own set of beliefs. Learning to get along with other cultures and people will assist in this achievement. And it is possible. All is possible Dear Hearts if you want something to happen bad enough.

As you move along your journey in your every day life and your spiritual quest to become one with your own Heart and that of God’s, you will be faced with many ideas and ways that will undoubtedly change you. This is to be expected. As you enter these changes and transition to the next stage of your spiritual development, remember to reach for me and I will lead you through with my gentle and giving love that will not have you stumbling two steps forward and one step back. You will come through, sure of yourself and confident. For when you have a concern, I will be there to guide you to your answer through your loving heart.

Through the gentleness of my love, I will be able to heal both your conscious and subconscious levels of your mind. I have dedicated my life to assist all that calls upon my name within the many aspects of the journey they have awakened to. To what you have awakened to. And when you call upon my name, I will dedicate myself supporting what it is you need to accomplish and learn. And you will learn Dear Hearts. Through the many changes that will occur, you will be taking on new information, absorbing so much knowledge that could easily overwhelm you. When we work together, you will find a greater peace of mind of what you are learning and the wisdom to be gained is incredible.

Do not be frightened Dear Hearts. Step forward with the BRAVE heart each of you already has and know that deep within you is a powerhouse of . You have reached for this before and you have made it through some pretty tough times. That never goes away. It is there for when you need it.

We spoke of the qualities to be focusing on earlier in our discussion. I would like to speak on some of them. I spoke of Truth. This means the truth that resonates with you, what you can discern from what you feel to be real and true. You will know as you learn to listen with your heart. You will discover signals your subconscious self gives you when something really stands out and fits with you, and the same will go when something does not sound right. Listen to these signals, to your intuition. It is a great tool to use. If still you are unsure, ask yourself a question, “Is this going to provide for me or us the greatest of good?” or “ Will this cause more harm than good?” and listen to your heart. Do not be too rash on the quickness of your answers. Give yourself time to hone in on what your heart and guides will tell you. Practice will bring you to mastery of this quality.

Another quality spoken was Compassion. Compassion is your love and kindness working together. Each time you interact with people, does not matter if it is in person, through the telephone, or via the Internet; it is important to treat everyone with kindness that is filled with pure intent from your loving heart. Each of you are at different places of awareness and advancement, but not one of you is any better or special as a result. You are all loved equally by me and by God. By perfecting your Compassion towards ALL others, you will be also perfecting your patience. With each of you at a different place on this spiritual journey that is so incredible, feelings can easily get hurt by impatient words and inappropriate judgements. Take the time Dear Hearts to work with the dear individuals that take longer to learn. The depth of your giving heart is bottomless. By supporting another through their questions and struggles you are also supporting yourself with more light that is being shared constantly with others. You will feel yourself glow from the inside when you KNOW you have helped another on their journey and all the support you gave came from your heart and showed through every word and action. Each of you are more God-like than you realize. Take time to notice Dear Hearts.

I will leave the other qualities spoken of in this transmission for you to discover and figure out where and how these changes will come into effect. You are always in the presence of angels, guides and God. And I will be with you when you decide to call on me for spiritual guidance on this wondrous journey that is bringing you so many wonders and delights. The time spent today conversing with you has brought me the utmost joy and thrill in my heart. I am also including the Mantra, I AM Light.

I AM Light
by Kuthumi

I AM light, glowing light,
Radiating light, intensified light.
God consumes my darkness,
transmuting it into light.
This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.
I AM an outpost of the Divine.
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of light which I AM.
I AM, I AM, I AM light;
I live, I live, I live in light.
I AM light's fullest dimension;
I AM light's purest intention.
I AM light, light, light.
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

Dear Hearts the Mantra I have asked this child to enclose can be found in wonderful book filled with much information on Masters and their retreats: The Masters and Their Retreats by Mark Prophet.

Once again, our time was incredibly pleasurable and I will come through her more often to converse with all of you. Until our next transmission, walk in the Power of your Love through every aspect of your life and feel God’s love at every step.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Kuthumi through Julie Miller