came to my house, just for chats this morning!! oh man!!! there are no words 2 describe this being!!! all love, compassion, , …. and ALL AT POWER 20000 BILLIONS!!! unreal… if one can ever imagine and love in one being.. and intelligence, understanding… well… cannot explain… i feel I am so so so so so so far from his level, i feel like sinking in pity.. really dramatic… sorry.. all good, this is just my mind comparing.. etc… it does its own pre programmed pathetic front brain thing.. being a 3d human here.. well.. i am just wowow!! it is like.. i can only stand for short time his amazing shining presense, i become totally overwhelmed by my own pettiness… and he kind of comes and goes.. and gives me for thought when i begin to reallize how .. well.. how petty i am.. and.. oh.. i will stop the bashing here..

No face to face as such have i met him…. perhaps my higher self does not allow it 2 happen, for d same reasons i mention above.. it would even be more intense perhaps.. besides, he does not live in this realm, dimension.. but energetically I can defo feel and hear him.. it is like.. u know how u can feel when your mum is in the room, or your friend, even if u remain silent on d outside.. as i said.. it is impossible 2 relate such experiences with words.. because words 2 discribe this kind of experience do not exist.. we would need a bran new vocabulary.. for higher emotional center, for higher intellectual center.. u know.. when the 90% of our brain gets fully functional, which it is getting there now, slowly.. i guess what i am trying 2 say, is only once 2 people have had d same experience can share and talk about such experiences..

there are various levels of telepathy then, sometimes, it is easier for them to send me a thought, or dictate a channel, other times, it is easier to send me an image with the respective feelings, and thoughts… there is a wide range of emotions, feelings, thoughts to be discovered yet.. for us, i guess we are moving up dimensions when we are discovering new things..
Posted by Laura at 22:54