By Laura

Posted: 03 Jan 2012 04:26 AM PST

I have received several questions on this matter and I would recommend people to keep a very objective perspective here, and not letting themselves be dragged into a fight of the titans, which is not what lightworker is about. Our role is not to create division, but to see that we are one, and to overcome challenges. You have your own intuition to guide you at any stage, so power to you, your discernment and your Higher Self.
As far as I am concered is genuine, he is also involved with the , the group he represents are top international members of governments who have come to see the light. The people James speaks for are not activists, not part of the Monaco Accord Group, they do not give to the project any name or label such as NESARA, and neither claim to work with angelics nor galactics.

I have been following Regina Meredith’s work for 3 years at least on television, on sky. Here is a link to her Website: Conscious Media Network. She is doing spiritual work for 25 years at least, has interviewed a wide panel of people such as Dr. Steve Greer and to name just two. She has certainly contributed to my own awakening with introducing me through her videos, to many important people and concepts.
In her video with James Martines (click here to view), shown at the bottom of this post, Regina says that cmn has no means of verifying the authenticity of the statement, but that she has met with the person who has approached James on this matter. She and James are also saying that that man is a very wise person. I invite you to listen to a very interesting audio recording, where James is telling us more on this program on his radio show and names some of the people involved in the Cold Fusion and on the Global Finance Project: Click here for Link. I am also convinced that the project James Martinez speaks of is genuine.
I may ask one of the beings I usually channel to comment on this later on, and will post here. As usual, they may prefer to leave this matter for our own discernment and prefer not to further comment, in which case I would have nothing to post.

The time frame for this project to come into existence is between 2012 and 2015. So I am not interested in making a war matter here, nor in speculations on who is right or wrong. I think both and are making good points, and both see different pieces of the same puzzle. So as usual, please take what resonates and question everything.

What I am interested in is how to contribute and participate in speeding up the manifesting of this project, which comes from the people and is for the people. I am interested in making sure that this will be a fair system for all, and that poverty no longer rules on planet Earth.
However I can see both sides on this perspectives concerning Nesara presented by Steve Beckow and David Wilcock.
I also, like David Wilcock, do have reservations on Extraterrestrials and angelics being directing involved with our very earthly internal affairs such as our monetary system, as this would be a breach of our free will, of our karma and of non interference rule, which they are bound to until Divine Powers allows the Higher Realms to come into our lives, or until we make our way to the level of understanding of these Higher Consciousness Beings, by raising our own awareness and consciousness, whether Disclosure happens this year or not.
As far as I see it, we need Galactics and angelics for moral support, spiritual matters, and making sure that the cabal does not use nuclear weapons on us and destroys the planet. In my view, and I may well be wrong, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Divine Angelics are here like parents would be with their children.
They are here to support us growing up, to ensure their children do not use nuclear weapons to destroy one another and . If they see guns (ie nuclear weapons), they would show their disapproval and neutralize these or remove them. But as I understand it the Galactics and angelics are under very strict rules and are taking their orders from the Divine Creator. As long as Disclosure has not happened, the Galactic are very limited in the help they can provide for us.
I very much agree with Steve Beckow however in the statment that the video from cmn of James Martines is not a hoax. Although James never calls this project Nesara, nor does he claim that Galactics are behind this project. Implying that this is NESARA and that the Galactics are behind this project, is as far as I am concerned pure speculation at this time, and based on ’s radio show and on paid private readings, which Steve Beckow relies on for months in order to build the Bridge Fund among other things.

Also of interest, from a spiritual objective person, which i respect may be worth watching, to watch Ron Van Dyke's video, click here.
So in conclusion, I would recommend to keep an open mind on the situation. In a reading with Settufeut, he had warned us about a coming economic system, which would appeal to all, but he stressed out that that project is originating from the dark cabal, so he has warned us not to go with the easy attractive offer, and to weigh all with care.

He said:
“We wanted to raise a caution flag. What the cabal will try to introduce, will be designed to exert more control over you. Their plans for a global currency will be made attractive to you all and will seem like a reasonable solution to you.
We recommend you think things through before allowing your power as sovereign beings to be taken away from you further. I can hear you saying in your mind: “But I am only one person. Who will listen to me? I have no better solution!”
All we can say for now, is that you should not accept to be coerced further by the dark. You should be given the means to control your destiny as sovereign Beings and as Nations.”

Link to Settufeut’s reading:
Private TAUK With Settufeut 29 Nov 2011 – Your Power Is Resonating Around The Planet