Message from , John the Beloved
Channeled by:
January 02, 2012

Warm blessings filled with fortitude, and compassion are forever being sent to you from me and the wonderful beings of the Great Divine.

Love is a splendid way of being, living, acting, thinking and so much more. It is more than an emotion; it is a way of life. For some dear souls that inhabitat this fine planet, they fear true and pure love. To love purely and openly is being able to love yourself just as much. To love all your insecurities to love all your faults and all the many splendid facets of yourself that attract so many to you. You cannot love only the nice parts; you must love ALL of you. To be able to freely express yourself, your insecurities dear ones without hurting anyone requires great courage. When you begin to allow yourself this freedom to express your whole self, the parts that remain hidden to most of the people that think they know you, means you are welcoming your vulnerable side.

Pray dear ones for from the many angels that surround you to help alleviate these fears of loving completely and wholly. Regain the joy that brings you strength from being able to love at such a pure level of your body, mind and SOUL. Your prayers will be heard. God does not abandon HIS children and the many angels and your guides are with you helping you at a moments notice.

There is no real fear in loving in such a perfect and open way. There is so much to gain and inner power to achieve. Stepping out into the unknown and trying something new can be frightening, do not let the fear of loving purely and unconditionally take over and control your right to perfect happiness and joy that is to be accessed in your personal life and spiritual journey. Any fear you may have is extinguished as soon as you let love into your life. The many people who fear loving at this pure capacity has not yet reached full maturity of their .

I ask of you, I encourage you to take steps at loving purely and unconditionally. There are many rewards to be gained from your FEARLESS efforts. You will find yourself grow, move and hugely along your spiritual journey and doors open that were not there before because you allowed your loving heart to open and allow love in. It does take time to learn to love yourself for all that you are. Do this in small doses and remind yourself your EGO is not part of this because you are living and thinking through your heart now. Your heart will not punish you with negative words or thoughts if you slip up or become unsure. You are strong dear ones and the love that is inside of you is very POWERFUL. It has the ability to conquer so much especially when you combine the Power of your intent with also comes from the heart and is filled with determination and love.

Even the dear ones who already work and live through heart occasionally have set backs. Life happens and there are many roadblocks in every person’s journey. And some roadblocks appear without warning; but as long as you don’t allow the fear of loving become the enemy of your progress each of you will continue without needing to reroute yourself. Trust in yourself and in your intuition dear ones. Believe in the Power of your HEART-full thoughts. They are filled with light that is linked to God’s own source of Love and Light – HIS heart. Turn any and every uncertainty into positive action dear ones. Move forward knowing in your heart you are on the right track and the path you are on is leading you to greatness. If you do find yourself rerouted, love yourself for the efforts you have achieved so far, and forgive yourself instead of blaming yourself for what was not completed. You will not have to start over, only where you left off. Heal yourself from within your hearts by using positive words and phrases that will assist in the climb of your confidence and success. Do not hesitate to ask for healing from your guides or angels at anytime along your journey. WE are here to help you, and see you do well.

For each of you, your journey is different but where you end up will ALL be the same. Your destination is to rejoin in the wholeness and oneness of God and ALL HIS light and glory. You are getting there. Each of you are at a different place and that dear ones is how it’s meant to be. You must learn to rely and depend on each other from the wisdom and knowledge you are gaining from your own personal and spiritual experiences. This does not mean you stop accessing the support, love and guidance from you guides and angels; not at all. It only means you become a part of the oneness of each other in a grand community that extends worldwide of light bearing teachers, knowledge seekers, helpers, physical guides, supporters, etc. I am near speechless at the astronomical amount of possibilities there are when you begin working together more often and just for the sake of LOVING.

It has been a great pleasure to be here today. Yes, this is a brief transmission but I fill our discussion today with the radiant love and light that is extended from the Great Divine. You may seek my guidance that will help you find ways of loving and dealing with the fear of opening your heart to its FULL capacity. Speak onto God, and HE will come to you and also guide you. All you need to do is ask. He loves you dear ones, never stop believing in HIS love for you.

And so it is, Ascended Master, John the Beloved through Julie Miller