Posted: January 24, 2012

This year's Mars transit through Virgo will teach the spiritual importance of meaningful labor and serve as a herald of the coming purification of the planet Earth; true natures will be revealed through the medium of service. The potent and dynamic energies that the planet Mars imparts will manifest in a variety of ways unique to the domain of Virgo and to the celestial composition of each one of us. There is opportunity, if properly aligned, for newfound progress and achievement to be obtained in the arenas of health, service, and spiritual growth. The retrograde begins during the twilight hours of January 24th and ends the same on April 14th of this revolutionary year of 2012. For those who seek maximum life success and heightened global awareness I welcome you to my intuitive analysis of Mars' transit through the House of Virgo, beginning with its retrograde phase.

The World Stage

Simply put, the workers of the world will rise. There will soon be unprecedented levels of unrest, revolt, and open aggression from the working-class people directed at those who have created and enforced unjust policies that have left millions toiling for nothing without rights, security, or hope for improvement. Left without recourse under intensified economic hardship people will rally in militant nature to send sharp messages in the forms of organized strikes, crippling service outages, and unrelenting, often explosive demands against the political class to renegotiate terms and enact new policies that favor the blue collar over the 'mighty' dollar. in beleaguered economic locales will experience severe disruptions prompting rising discontent, frustration, and anger to ignite into violence. This in turn will cast greater awareness to the worker's plight further strengthening their cause. Strength to those who work together, weakness to those who fight amongst themselves in the face of greater enemies. The idle hands and restless minds of the world will not go unheard.


Spring Victories

As a result of failed negotiations, downsizing, and lack of government protection new working-class alliances will be formed to bring strength to and ensure the common interest of the disenfranchised worker. Trade unions will rise as Mars propels them into power. There will be losses of rank for those leaders who have neglected their work forces and promotions for those that champion the humble. Social actions will spike through the spring and unprecedented, even miraculous victories will be achieved that will be of great benefit to the working class. The workforce will be reshaped totally and with it, the social order itself. As Mars resumes direct orbit solutions will be implemented and long sought objectives will begin to manifest as wage increases, favorable policy changes, and compensation packages. Reforms in all forms will be forthcoming. Absolutely this Mars transit is people empowering and it will amplify the unity consciousness, revolutionary force that is Uranus in Aries.

Personal Impacts

The conscious Earth citizen need be aware that transitions, promotions, firings, lateral moves, and the need to accept entirely new forms of service will all play a part of this Mars transit. Do not fear but welcome these experiences as part of the Cosmic Order that lends its momentum to your highest life success. New working relationships, duties, and projects will develop during the retrograde. People will be paired or teamed for higher purposes that will serve the collective interest. As Mars rules the masculine archetype men will hold a special role. Look to men, those present and those to come, to offer new pathways or opportunities and seize them as they emerge as they hold promise of rapid success. Action aligned with the enlightened Martian essence is strongly encouraged, especially for those rich in , with specific emphasis on expressions of courage, confidence, self-determination, drive, and relentlessness. Make no mistake that to create a greater reality for ourselves we must take action. Without action Mars is disarmed to fight on our behalf.

Prolific Scientific Achievements

A much welcomed aspect of this Mars retrograde will be the discovery and development of prolific advancements in the healing sciences. Cures will be discovered from natural sources that will bring new hope to millions who suffer from debilitating forms of disease which will further focus the collective consciousness toward holistic health remedies. In specific, the fields of human biology, stem-, agriculture, botany, and nanotechnology will experience unparalleled growth. New, more prosperous farming practices will be developed. Ground-breaking, cellular-level innovations will bolster the scientific community with newfound passion. The new technologies will rest upon the scientific method, which belongs to Virgo, making high science very real for the common mind. The retrograde will sync with a gestation period of sorts where these advancements will be born. Look for them to become introduced later this summer. The purely scientific mind would do well to look up and wonder once in a while.

Sacred Labor

It is true that doing what is hated is corrupting to the spirit. The Scripture teaches that 'a man should rejoice in the work of his lot.' Many often forget the spiritual consequences of toiling in misery day after day. For many their forms of service have become self-defeating in that they are stagnant, lack a spiritual element, and/or that their work is connected to the harming or destruction of life. This Mars transit through Virgo offers each person a wonderful opportunity to re-align their forms of service to one pleasing to GOD and thus, ultimately fulfilling to Self. In these times there are multitudes who are without labor, valued skill, or fulfillment, and who work within the world in collapse instead of the Kingdom that comes. It is the birthright of each to discover and fulfill their Sacred Labor which is the form and nature of service that GOD has intended for each of His children. With clarity I say that the cosmos is now ripe for each to discover this treasure.

The Virtues of Virgo

In order to begin to discover our Divine work we must first embrace the Virtues of Virgo which are health, purity, excellence, diligence, discernment, humility, and service. Next comes self-honesty to determine where we stand and where our focus need be. Does my body need purification? Does my health need improvement? Is my environment cleanly? Does my work have positive impact on the world? Am I fulfilled in my labor? Does my service have a spiritual aspect to it? Would GOD be pleased with what I do? If the answer is no to any of these questions then the time has come for decisive action to be taken and for work to be done. The Scripture assures us that 'the work of our hands will come back to us' so these questions and many like them should be deeply considered during this Mars retrograde phase.

Ascended Health

As Virgo rules health the Mars retrograde period will send powerful messages through the bodies of those who have neglected their health in proportion to the severity of the neglect that crossroads are made clear. The elimination of meats, processed foods, drugs, , and all that is unnatural is of paramount importance; physical corruptions block the absorption of the evolutionary cosmic energies beaming into the Earth. This is an optimal time to bring purity to our lives on all levels, a time where all should be blossoming. The Scripture teaches to use 'leaves for healing' and 'herbs for the service of man.' The Earth is abundant in natural remedies, treatments, and cures and so I encourage my readers to seek innovative natural solutions for all of their health ailments. This retrograde marks an opportune time to set and maintain new personal standards in health and fitness. Implementation of positive changes in Virgo fashion, meaning, in measurable, meticulous, and scientific ways will ensure success. Apply the 'trial and error' litmus to determine which practices are effective and which are not. Remember that the food we eat has always been intended to be our best medicine and that those with true spiritual Light are the caretakers, not exploiters of the animal kingdom.

Regulus in Revelation

The rules of success in this world are rapidly changing. No longer will greed, exploitation, and spiritual compromise be determinant of worldly achievement. Beyond the Gates of Aquarius, meaning, beyond the winter equinox of 2012, disability, paralysis, and confounding will mire those who have usurped power and authority. Over time they will be expelled from reality, and with them, the parasitic systems which have become blight to the world. In light of this higher truth each Earth citizen would be wise to orient their work to the world that comes, and to be perfectly clear what I mean is that the , the Holy City of Heaven, the Bride of the Lord, will soon be established on Earth, forever and ever, amen. Know this, you true believers, that the star of the Lord's ultimate authority, universal kingship, and unconditional love, Regulus, the Heart of Leo, progresses into the House of Virgo, which is the Bride of Revelation, during the summer months of 2012! Those of high consciousness need know that Regulus is the star of the Age of Aquarius.

New Paradigm Service

In the coming Kingdom there will be a single measure for all whom none will be exempt from with regard to work and service: that none shall serve in ways that harm. Those who do not adhere to this sacred standard will find themselves forever oppressed while those that do will see their lives rapidly progressed. By choosing to serve others, or to be caretakers of the Earth, we can find favor with GOD ensuring that we never know shortage and that our work is blessed for all time. That being said it falls to us to align our free will with the development of personal skills, talents, and expertise, founded in science and spirit, in order that we may each be of greatest service to our fellow man, to the world in which we live, and to the GOD in which we serve.

Methods for Seekers

For those who feel frustration, contempt, and emptiness about their labor I now present methods to help guide your way to a greater day. The best way to begin the search for your Sacred Labor, as with all things, is with sincere, heartfelt prayer to GOD. For those who are unfamiliar with prayer may I suggest the following to begin: 'Dear GOD, please aid my effort to discover my Sacred Labor that I may serve humanity with excellence, amen.' Next, while keeping an open mind, embrace and develop skillsets that are in demand, that will grow in demand, that have practical value, and that are spiritually pure. I must emphasize the need for self-development through education, training, and apprenticeship. Having a form of skilled labor or a unique expertise exchanges dependency for independence; after all, we are not meant to be slaves to jobs that we hate. We must have skills that are productive, effective, results oriented, and that can easily be measured, thus ensuring their real value.

Learn to set goals and view opportunities that arise as stepping stones toward the dream; the key is to always move toward what you love and away from what you hate. This will be a journey and there will be many tests along the way, one of which being the test of fear which all must overcome in order to earn their Sacred Labor, but as the Scripture assures, 'be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.' Recognize that there will be many necessary experiences needed to prepare one to assume their Sacred Labor. Trials, testing, and obstacles are all a part of it, the purpose being to prove to GOD that you are ready to assume a very important aspect of your Divine purpose. The Mars retrograde speaks that the time to take courageous action toward finding your Sacred Labor is now. Follow your heart, embrace the momentum, and change as needed with courage and confidence knowing that you will be living in alignment with the cosmos!

Professional Polish

For those who have found their Sacred Labor, or who are within reach of it, this retrograde period marks a time to sharpen, enhance, and revise practices, to find new ways to further develop productivity, and to add new skills or services to your existing repertoire. It is also a perfect time to collaborate with those of equal standing that strengths may be shared and efforts may be honed toward the greater good. As well, a favorable course would be to add to your resumes by increase your credentials and expanding beyond usual spheres of influence. Look to synthesize something new from the combined expertise of the many. In this way the higher echelons of the Mars and Virgo archetypes can be fulfilled welcoming Divine blessings for all involved. Work dedicated to GOD will always enjoy remarkable success.

The House of Virgo and Egyptian Alchemy

One of the great mysteries of Virgo is that it is the beginning of Alchemy. Alchemy is an ancient spiritual science that works in total harmony with Astrology. Its birthplace was in then known as the land of Khem. Alchemy, above all things, is a science of enlightenment where a superior understanding of nature is used in service to fulfill the Will of GOD. It is a science ruled by process and method, forms that both find home in Virgo. There is a structure of renown throughout time and space that marks its beginning: the Sphinx. The ancient Egyptian Masters, with their extraordinary understanding of the cosmos, built the Sphinx directly beneath the solar ecliptic at the precise astronomical location where the sun completes its annual transit through the House of Leo and enters the House of Virgo. They did this because the alchemical process begins in Virgo and ends in Leo, a cycle which begins with purification and eventually produces a Christed being. The Sphinx is a monumental symbol of both the alchemical process and the ascended man, a microcosm of the and Omega. Are we not created in His image?

The Path of

I call attention to this truth to further emphasize the importance of this Mars transit through Virgo which occurs on the cusp of the new age: this is an opportunity for all who are committed to self-initiate into the alchemical process which begins in purification and excellent service to others. Further, understand that the Path of Ascension, which some refer simply to as 'the Path', is in fact the Zodiac, the entrance to the Path being the House of Virgo, the House of Purity. If we will know Divinity we will first know purity. This is a unique time in Earth's history where each of us can make astonishing spiritual advancement in short periods of time. With passionate encouragement I welcome you all to begin walking the Path starting with this Mars transit. Let the Virtues of Virgo serve as trustworthy guides at the onset of your journey.

My Experience

I know from my past that dramatic life transformations can happen in the relative blink of an eye. I spent nine years as a communications engineer in the doing things that either brought no real fulfillment or that I flat out hated, including being sent off to an engineered war. Looking back one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life is to follow my heart in courage and leave a situation that I knew was wrong for me even though I didn't know exactly where I was going. If I could say one thing to all who have fear over leaving work-related circumstances that they know they hate it, and that they know is having a ruinous effect on their lives, it would be this: just take the first step in faith that there is a better way and that GOD will help you get there if you just take that first step in faith.

A Poem of Promise

A curious heart is the place that we start, what more can I give to the world? With thoughts free to roam our talent becomes shown, what is the price of my pearl? Engulfed in conviction my eyes see distinction, my journey becomes majestic. With love as my guide and faith at my side, no weakness remains untested. At last I will know that my power will grow, my worth is beyond measure. And now with each day I give thanks when I pray, my work has become my pleasure.

In service to Our Lord, ,


Astrologer Salvador Russo

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