Channeler: Christine Anne K.

January 15, 2012

Here is now, dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters of , the of Elders and Youths speaking as one voice, and which has the intention to invite you to reflect on your options as the Humanity of … (Note that this Council’s Advice is directed to the entire solar system.)

Adang'a ol Natum, this is our point of view as the United Confederation of Peoples varied multi-localized. Your Solar System is undergoing significant in the galactic configuration to which it belongs, and this creates different aspects to consider for the People there.

One of these aspects concerns the quantum of wave-particles emitted by your sun, who knows irreversible changes in this phase and in these moments. This fact affects the quality of the of your star and should lead you to a substantial alteration of your eco-systems, which must constantly adapt to these evolving parameters; and the way they will be operating will then show – and without any real "turning back " – these alterations, at your local places of life and at the level of your bodies and your physiologies, up to your cellular, molecular, atomic, subatomic and pure vibrational levels.

In addition, you are subject as a global system to some absolute laws of motion in a set – we might say in a choreographic nature – which themselves fall within more complex laws, and whose mathematic is accurate and rigorous in this Universe deployed architecturally in its complete – which includes some a priori non-listed paradigms by your exact sciences.

This subjects you both physically, harmoniously, vibrationally and luminously. So there you have this other aspect to consider: your existence as life systems and as pure light-energy is part of the architecture of all these laws, and will inform them as much, just as do all items or components of this wide set which we also refer to ourselves totally.

The fact of having full knowledge and awareness of this data will help you maintain your overall harmony, as well as internal, in the simple and serene acceptance of the bases of our interrelated systems and our respectives lives, and therefore help you through the transition phase mentioned – with its alterations on your own local structures of life – in acceptance, harmony, and absolute confidence in the perfect similarity (or similar resonance) between the Laws of the Universe and those of your own body.

We wish that this advice usefully informs you and informs all your structures. So you will inform in return, by your acceptance and harmonization, all of what governs us and instructs the laws and paradigms of our Universe deployed in its entirety.

We thank you. Receive our brotherly Love.