December 29, 2011


Tr. by Sandra Ed. Sean


JKM 12-29-11 Miraculous Assumpion of the Light
Judith in Chimayo at 7:07 am MST and Sean in Grand Forks
J: We open to the Infinite Wisdom and the consciousness of the ancients. The epiphany of the 9th Wave has elevated the capacity for light communion and unified conscious expression of the Divine. The power from the inner realms has quickened and accelerated, and through each willing vessel of love merges and inter reacts and engages, engages, engages with the forces. The sensitivity of these energies is a constant force with each wave of the 9th Wave, each epiphany. The continuum for consciousness expands, the waves increase in magnitude, dimension and velocity. Your human cellular bodies are receptors for this expansive vibration. The light is the vessel of light through which the 9th Cosmic Wave resonates.

The ascension workers' DNA has engaged with the Cosmic formulas opening the crystalline vibrations of the God Code within the DNA.

I'm immediately getting symptomatic relief by speaking this transmission.

S: Excellent.

J: I woke up with intense head energies and incapacity to function, and as I'm speaking, this pressure in my head is subsiding.

S: Great.

J: The light bodies of those initiates who have received the initiations in light and sound harmonics are reverberating with the vibration that orchestrates harmonics from the Universe, not just when you are in a meditative state or when you are working with the group, but all the time because you are, the Awakeners are, 131313 are the Holy Vessels of Light, that at the time of your , Creator formed you of Light. Now, truly all beings are formed of light. It is spoken that Creator formed you of light. You were given the blessed vibration through initiations, both in other lifetimes and soul initiations before you entered the agreement of incarnation to be the chalices, the Grail if you will, a human Grail, a vessel of Divine order, Divine vibration, to be the chalices that pour forth The Light into the world. You may say, ah, that I am not a perfect vessel. I am flawed. I am less than Divinely enlightened, but Beloved Ones, you are worthy vessels and you are created for this purpose. Each fractal of light and sound harmonics from Galactic Source, must find form to express itself in and a way of manifestation of the Great Light. There are there such forms on the planet: the sacred earth sanctuaries, the immortal Temples of Light, and the Living Temples.

Truly, Beloved Ones, you have been sanctified for this reason to be the chalices of light that illuminate the light of Creation, and your living DNA is the key to Cosmic Alchemy. Because of the nature of the human mind, the mind adjusts these factors to create a state of capacity for the conscious mind, the logical mind and the physical body to function and maintain balance in the emotional body. You have changed so much in this year of 2011 that the field of vibration generated from your conscious light body would be practically unrecognizable if you were able to observe the capacity, velocity and vibration of your light body consciousness. The capacity to communicate through light principles has opened and been activated as a force on the planet.

You exchange harmonics and have engaged with the Unified Principle with the soul group of the 131313, and those of the soul group who participate in ceremonies and sound temples, they actually relay vibrations from those ceremonies, those gatherings, vibration that is generated from the Earth itself, generated from the sacred temples and generated from the cosmos. This is the cosmic connection that the temples were designed for originally by Divine plan. The Earth shall reverberate the sound of Creation, as every element in the natural world is responding to the quickening of this Omni vibration of Light.

The coming epiphany of the 9th Cosmic Wave illuminates this dynamic and actually spans the potential for the God self to be manifest, and the statement, that ye shall be as Gods, does not mean that you will be rulers over the world. Of course, it means that you will enter a level of communion with the forces of Creation.

Now contemplate those words, please. You will enter a level of communion with the forces of Creation, a unified principle of the at work in the physical world manifest through your living body. Of course, the essence of the is all that you are and all that you have ever been. But what is spoken of, in this transmission, is the harmonics of the Divine, the light that lights the world. It is easy to tell the difference between a child's toy and a Stradivarius violin in quality and capacity to orchestrate the harmonics that are beautiful and exquisite. With that concept in mind, it is easy to understand that in the old world of trauma and separation, the instrumentation of your consciousness and capacity for your light was dulled. Your senses were dulled and now you have awakened.

The epiphany may not be a moment of expression where you receive the Holy Spirit, but must be a way of being. Humans have experienced this at different times in conscious community when they have gathered together to receive illumination of the God Source. This has truly brought great things to your world. But eventually these systems, these energetic Temples of Light became afflicted by the dichotomies of the Age, and we're not able, either as community or temple systems, to hold the constant vibration of the Golden Mean. In fact, even in those times, the capacity for engaging with this Divine principle was un-evolved, although present on the Earth. There are great civilizations of light that sustain this vibration for periods, but it was not immortal, it was not eternal. It vanished from the Earth, although the blueprint of it remained. That is the blueprint that shall awaken on 1-1-12.

These ancestors left the seeds. All that they manifest was either preserved through their Temples or preserved through the blueprint of the Earth. Even the vanished civilizations of light left a blueprint, a living blueprint. The accumulative factor of the Temple systems and the of the Great Ancient Earth sanctuaries has quickened,

as it is like a violin waiting to be played, a Stradivarius waiting to be played, an orchestra tuned to the vibration of Cosmic Source, waiting for the orchestration, waiting for the Master. Through your time and space, you will be in a zero point field. Your light will not be limited to your consciousness in this realm. At the time of the epiphany, through the zero point field of the cosmic galactic axis, your light will be where it has ever been manifest as a Divine harmonic eternally.

This is the gleaning of the vibration of each prayer you have ever made. All that is, lives now, as accumulative factor of energetics of the Divine quickens in response to the Cosmic trigger. You have stood in the mighty temples at times where you were engaged with a collective group of energy and engaged with the Cosmic forces, and your vibration is still in those places. You left an imprint of your vibration. This epiphany of light is the Cosmic key that triggers the vibration through time and space, one heart, one light, one sound, one Divine harmonics awakening the Temple systems of Earth Star Gaia.

Beloved Ones, this truly intensifies your capacity to relate to each other in spiritual community in a manner that is in balance with Universal Law, sustainable and eternal. Be kind to one another, express your love generously in these days. Do not hold back, do not hold back your love. Allow your heart to open to it because the heart is the doorway of light for the emergence of the Aquarian Age, and all that the Piscean Age has meant is fulfilling its purpose, completing its cycle, as the true power of the Aquarian Age awakens.

That's funny, I'm getting a very strong image of a woman having a baby. I just saw the head coming.
I just got a very strong mental image, you know, I get pictures in my mind, when I'm having visions, I see everything, right?
S: Yeah.

J: When I'm in these trance states, I'm really not seeing things mostly unless I say I'm somewhere, so I was just kind of in a neutral state and my imagery in my mind as I channeled this, and then all at once I got a very strong image of a woman birthing.
S: Hm, that fits.

J: How beautiful this birth is, it is a water birth. Be tender to the Earth. Treat each other with the greatest of kindness in the adoration of the community of the Beloved. In the past when you have attained this vibration or anywhere close to this vibration, you have seen it perish from the Earth. This has left you sad at times and despondent, but be sad no more. Celebrate, celebrate this epiphany of light. The magnitude is incomprehensible except by the intelligence of the Universal Oneness that knows all, sees all, and is the manifestation on all levels of Creation of the God Force. It shall not perish from the Earth but the essence of it grows and multiplies. Be manifest and sustain the foundation energetics for , the birth of the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

All that is sweet and beautiful, you shall be sensitive to and give your attention to that which is blessed, and focus less on the distractions of negativity. As you do this, your heart will channel this vibration and it shall grow upon the Earth, and the numbers of humans that have this capacity shall rapidly increase and be fertile amongst nations.

This is sanctified by Law of Creation and shall not be impeded by any minor doctrines of the laws of man or the powers that be. For the flowering is so sweet that the energy generated from this Garden of Peace will cause to swoon even those who see not the beauty and know not the love, they will swoon with it. They will be love struck with it, as a lover who has first found The Beloved. You will find yourself in an ecstatic celebration of this epiphany of light and for good reason, for your soul has brought you home.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.