Channeled by Shariq


Blessings, beloved ones.

It is I, , coming to greet you as this time of the ascensional wave of 2012, as it dawns upon you, as it re-ignites you into aspects of truth and of understanding that this has been the year you have been waiting for, for eons of time: a year of emancipation, of fantastic, magical, re-, and the joy of being in a new concept of understanding the Self and the Cosmos.

And so it is, the aspects of the Self that are being re-birthed, re-ignited and re-possibilitized into the truth of expansion in these times relate to a new sense of understanding in the Consciousness of the Self and its relationship to the Cosmos and to all around you, including all of Creation.

The aspects of the Circle of Life, the Circle of the One, that is being re-created and re-ignited in 2012 into new spirals are very expostulating of a very deep sense of love for all. For this is the aspect of Christed Consciousness which is being beamed down upon you, each and every one of you on this planet at this time to find, in your own specific ways, the ways to unfold into that which has always been: a joint understanding of co-creation.

And as this aspect of your own understanding of Self and its relationship to community continues to be revealed to you in this time of 2012, so it is that you have the opportunity to re-invigorate and re-align not only in the personal struggle of , but in a joint co-creation of love and of community, where each of you manifest your desires in a way that is fluid, and perfectly aligns with that of the others within your space, allowing in this for there to be a wonderful fabric to be woven, not only of your own tunics and flowing aspects of ascended mastery, but also of the wonderful quilts and amazing patchworks of designs that are fluid themselves across community, that allow for, in the kaleidoscopes of that which are the aspects of the ferrous formats of change, for there to be deep magnetic alignments that are very unified.

No longer do there need to be magnetic dipoles for there to be a new weaving of understanding. No longer do there need to be any aspects of the ego coming in to say “This is what I want and you have to succumb”.

All is being excluded in a new way, filtered out, so that the previous exclusions of duality are transformed into a new harmony and community.

spoke to you a few days back about the Music of the Spheres. And it is this aspect of the angelic light that is beginning to create a canopy of support in most harmonious and voluble ways, as you connect with and expand into the Christed Consciousness that is being birthed within you in 2012.

As you weave through your own journey and co-create with others in this year, notice how the sounds of it feel to you.
Listen with your ears, for your ears are expanding, in both telepathic communication, and hearing the tones and symbols of that which have been previously only intuitive thoughts.

And sometimes, as you are in pure harmony with others, you will hear the bells tingling of that which are being rung all the way up in through to the temples of Sirius, the angels applauding the harmony that is being woven in the fabric and tapestries of the kaleidoscopes of the new quiltings of the co-creation of the community of at this time.

And sometimes, when it feels like the ego is intruding again, or there is a sense of dis-ease, there will be a clanging sort of noise: a noise of disruption, a noise of the old sense of separation.

And this can be then ameliorated and changed by refocusing and letting the heart aspect of the Christed features of your own Beloved aspect of Self to be brought forward.

For in your own expansion now you are merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine in new ways.

Not only is it a question of rebirthing the Divine Feminine into a greater Creation of Source, but also, in this, as a stepping stone to bring forward the higher aspects of the masculine, the Divine Masculine, so that each of you, male or female in form, are balanced in complete ways.

And in this way, in your Self-balancing and love, then the Beloved aspect of Self can be revealed, both in Self-love and in coming through and finding another who reflects in your frequency what it is you choose to express and be.

And in this you give birth to a new Christed Self that is fully in harmony with the Self, with community, and in relationship to all, including in love relationships, in the Tantric weaving of that which is this fabric.

It is the weaving of light and love that finds expression in many formats and across all forms of connection in the bodies, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

This is the form of Tantric weaving, where there is multidimensional connection and the Music of the Spheres lets you know, in the harmonies and ease formats of that which are being created, how you are doing, whether there is a ease-filled information flow or whether there is a disharmonious disruption.

And in these tunes and alignments you will feel very aligned into where you wish to go.

And so it is, in these notes and tones I have been singing, in forms of words through this channel, I have been alighting you in a format of your own DNA’s recollection of the Unity of the Law of One.

And in this understanding in form now, in what you are bringing in, the aspects of Gaia, are very much removing that which has been the illusion of separation from the core of Creation itself, and from others forms of life on your planet. This illusion is itself being removed.

For the aspects of this quilting are not just with other forms of Spirit in bodies, but also with all forms of the Kingdoms of your planet : the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, and aspects of flora and fauna that work with you.

And so it is, as the Music of that which is playing around you is being revealed to you, so it is that your own understanding of the flora and fauna and of the workings with the Elementals, with the Fairies, with the Gnomes, with the aspects of that which are the frequential alignments of higher dimensional alignment into the higher dimensional frequencies of Gaia in the Earth Star that is expanding, will continue to align you into the co-creation of this New Earth, which will flow very beautifully in 2012.

And so it is beloved ones, the Atmanic Self of that which is your Divine aspect of Higher Self connects with you now in the frequencies of Christed re-birthing and aligns you into the tones of the harmonies of your Soul Song, for indeed you are, through this transmission, re-invigorating yourself into the light of your own truth.

And as this Self becomes fully integrated and aligned into the free-flowing natures of this quilting that humanity is co-creating, with Gaia, so it is that you will understand that the aspects of truth have always been very dear inside, and in this dearness comes the ability to navigate the winds of change of 2012.

And so it is, in these eventualities of change and possibilities of massive reconstruction of all that has been the separation codes of Creation in the game of 3rd Dimension, as the possibilities for these to be reconstructed and re-aligned are very visibly shown to humanity in expansive ways, and as those who have been waiting in the wings for these times , as lightworkers, and also those within specific forms of organization, and specifically placed in all areas of society, and say “No, I wish to change the way it is done. It no longer works. Here are some ideas of how to change it”, so it is that you will find solutions are proffered, brought down through the soul songs of the harmonies of co-creation of the quilting of that which are the new weavings of the patterns of light in the kaleidoscopes of change that will change your world fantastically and magically in 2012.

It is in these alignments of hope and of the recognition of your own divinity as it is being re-birthed and re-Christed within you, that I work with aspects not only of your Higher Self and Gaia, but also with the aspects of the Holy Trinity, and the light of the Shekinah light, which is coming through me in the forms of the higher dimensional aspect of the Mother Rebirthing, for you see, I come in aspects of higher dimensional group consciousness to align within you the Unity of the One.

And as this light of Shekinah light works through you know that you are indeed Holy and Trinitized into an aspect of stability in this year of 2012, so that as you step forward in the heart space, there is an angular momentum into your higher spiraling up into the formats of change, so that what had been previously very dense and hard to navigate in the fluidities, of all the density, so it is that you move into ethereal aspects of Self, where the aspects of the flow of the Liquid Light of Love moves you into a deep understanding, where there is no longer viscosity, but a deep sense of ease and fluidity, and love, as the ribbons of that which are flowing continue to move you into aspects of joint co-creation with and expansive redefinition of Gaia.

And so it is, beloved ones, let this jigsaw puzzle of change be revealed to you. Let it unfold like a lily flower that is beautiful and pure and pristine. This is part of your divine nature revealed to you. This is part of your beautiful unctuosity of the Divine Creation of the Trinity of Light.

And in these aspects come your own balanced form.

As you love your-Self the Beloved aspects of all of community and all of that which is coming to you to create and reflect your beauty finds you effervescent, joyous, and fully blooming at the time of the Spring of this Ascension.

For it is now that things change.

So be aware of how your holograph shifts between now and the March Equinox. It will quite surprise you. For as the anniversary of what was the start of the Universal Underworld in early March of 2011 comes around, you will find it has indeed shifted into the magical realms of beauty.

Blessings, beloved ones. I am Mother Mary coming to you from higher dimensional group consciousnesses. And in these understandings and truths you find yourselves fully aligned and alighted into a co-creation with all of humanity, with Spirit, with Gaia, and with all the Elementals, and all the Kingdoms of planet Earth.

Blessings, beloved ones. Stay in ease and know you are indeed moving into the light of co-creation. Blessings.

© 2012 Shariq

Shariq (“Rising Sun”), is a , , clairvoyant, healer, lightweaver, alchemist, medium and channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Galactic & Cosmic beings of light available to assist humanity at this exciting time of planetary ascension.

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