Message today from the
Channeled by:
January 28, 2012

Dearest children it has been a little while since I last spoke through our dear child and to all of you. Yes, it is I the Creator, God or the Source to others. I AM your Father and I AM pleased to come forth and converse with you once again. Our discussions are always so delightful. The messages of late through our dear child here have been mainly concerning Self-, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Compassion; there has been transmissions regarding the invocation of the Violet Flame whenever possible and always Unconditional . Today’s discussion is to continue from all the wonderful Masters and angels that have transmitted through her of late.

I see many of my children expressing their love to everyone they meet and this is wonderful to see, but what I also see from many is what is in their hearts. And their spoken word does not match with how they truly feel. Masks are not necessary dearly beloved children when you are walking in the Light of your Divine Path to the Oneness of your I AM Presence. Sometimes the masks put on can fool people and sometimes the masks fool no one. A really in-tune will see through any mask that you put on that impersonates the full meaning of what is being said. The only one who is being fooled is the one wearing the mask. I ask of you to drop the masks and let your real true selves shine. Each of you are beautiful and bright and your truth is far more brilliant than any mask no matter how well it’s put on. Oh I see dearly beloved children, I see everything and I know what you are going to say before you actually do. I marvel at your creative ways you find when speaking with difficult people or how you behave during difficult situations. I have seen your struggles and I have comforted you many times even when some of you were unaware. Many times I have shined my light, illuminating you out of your dark moment and into the light again when you have asked for me. I love you dearly beloved children; I love every part that makes who you are. I have long since accepted every aspect that has created you into the you are now. I do not condemn or criticize any of the life lessons you have learned; I praised you and cheered you, knowing you would come through when you were ready to face all that you had to. I love you completely and unconditionally everyday of your life and in every lifetime you have had. Knowing that I love you so deeply and endlessly, I ask of you to take some from this love and love yourself. Absorb my dearly beloved children, let it heal your hurts and calm your mind. I AM always here for you; not near as far as you may think at times.

I ask of you to love yourself because I wish for my children to live a full and happy life that is filled with the utmost joy and harmony. When you can truly love yourself you can truly love another and let them into your even with the risk of that love not being returned because to love unconditionally means you love without any expectations. You love for the sake of loving and the feeling it gives deep inside your . It makes your beat stronger and you feel good all over knowing you have given a part of yourself out of selfless action. When you do take the time to learn every little nook and cranny of yourself, you will understand and know from an internal knowing that you are really special. Being told you are special is not just pretty words to impress your ego, they are the truth. The many people who may have called you special may have seen a bit of your light, but when you take the time to look deep within, you will discover every detail that makes you so special and unique. Then you will learn it’s time to be more compassionate and kind towards yourself; treat yourself once in awhile to something nice. Honour yourself as often as you can; you deserve this my dearly beloved children. Your very presence is honoured every day by me and by all the many beings of the Divine Kingdom. I suggest to maybe take yourself out for a nice cup of tea at a favourite coffee/tea house, treat yourself to a candle lit bath that is loaded with delicate scents, allow quality time just for you; and if you must schedule it in and stick to it. You are important! My suggestions are only examples, each of you have creative minds and I see they are already at work thinking and planning and some of your are smiling… You will notice dear children how much lighter you will feel after honouring yourself, and doing something nice just for you. Your smile will be wider and your will most definitely be expanded due to the love you are expressing through your actions, your words, your thoughts and your feelings. And I love your smile, it is beautiful. Each time you smile dear child, it is like a ray of sunshine on a dark and cloudy afternoon. Smile more often dear children, breathe in more light and express your love at every occurrence throughout your day. The rewards you will find and receive will be astronomical.

Forgiveness can be a hard subject or idea for some of my dearly beloved children. This is only because they have not come to terms with the situation that needs forgiveness. Forgiveness is healthy and healing. But it requires readiness and understanding. To forgive without understanding why you are forgiving will not solve anything and will not move your forward on your journey into the light and Oneness you are seeking with yourself and your I AM Presence. Look hard at the situation, at the circumstances that lead to the situation becoming out of control or too difficult. Find the root cause and accept what it is. Release the that is there to me. I will take it away for you. Do this either verbally or silently in your mind. I will know and I will hear you. Then you forgive the person or persons involved quietly spoken or in your mind and you forgive yourself. This forgiveness removes you from any lingering guilt or other low negative energies that were attached to the situation. When you are able to achieve this my beloved children, you will be able to move forward without the pain remaining. You will be able to look back in time and not be grief stricken because your heart has not only grown but also matured. I have taught our child here to do this and she knows it very well. The incredible feeling you receive once this is done and you know deep inside that you are no longer effected by the situation will be your greatest reward. Your confidence in your own ability to heal your mind, body and spirit will keep you in awe for a very long time. Each of you dear children have the ability to heal yourself.

Some of you access the Violet Flame for self-healing and this is wisely recommended. It is there for you to use and to use it with the purest of intent as its light comes from the purest of sources. When you are moving from one challenge to another, forgiving, clearing and so on; it is advised to invoke the Violet Flame to transcend any negative emotion, disharmony or discord that may have attached itself to your own spirit that will end up effecting your mind and boy if not dealt with.

I AM very proud of all of your accomplishments. There is nothing you have achieved that is considered small by me. No matter the size of achievement or how far up the ladder you have climbed, I AM proud. With the many angels that support you and of course your guides; you did the work. It was your sweat, your effort that got you there. The spiritual beings that are with you can only guide you to choices, they cannot choose for you. You have gained so much knowledge dear children from the choices you have made and some of them have taken you on a long road. There is no wrong on the direction you took. What matters is what is in your heart now dear children and that you have love for yourself and that love is unconditional and you are able to freely share this love openly with all that cross your path on your journey that is bringing you closer and into my own Light and that of your dear hearts. Your I AM Presence dear children is always with you. It only needs tweaking, “fine tuning” as I like to say. I urge you to become one with yourself and let your I AM Presence shine as it’s meant to – bright as the sun.

I have enjoyed our discussion dear children. I AM pleased every time you include me in a part of your life that has nothing to do with lessons or challenges. I do like a cup of tea now and again. And even if you cannot see me or feel my presence, KNOW in your heart that I AM there and we can have the most pleasant of talks. I look forward to it!

Each of you is a joy and a pleasure that fills my heart with an abundance of love that will never, ever end.

The Creator through Julie Miller