27 January 2012

Channeler: Ute


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

no, my computer is not yet at the stage he should. I can just use Word and the internet. That’s enough though, to publish this, as I believe, it can inspire and provides a platform for possible confirmation and verification from your own experience.

I woke up this morning with the thought/insight that we are the window to the totality of all possibilities on all vibrational levels, dimensions and realities and beyond: to the Source of it all.

Therefore nothing (NOTHING!) from “outside” can “fulfill us” – we are all of it ourselves (as unlimited ). It is all happening “inside” of ourselves, in our of creation.

Sometimes we project parts of this creation “outwardly”, so that there seems to be two,and that there seems to be separation from that “outwardly” projected situation/individual/thing – just so that we can start to play in duality.

Yes, I don’t only think this scenario, I feel and “see” it with my inner eye.

We Are this consciousness in totality in which and as which all of this happens.

… …

Later I became again strongly aware of this humming sound, a very intense and dense vibration. My whole is surrounded by it and resonates with it.

I started intensively to observe, while still trying to make some notes. I felt it was necessary to remember the details and to share them with you for your verification and inspiration.
I publish them here exactly as I have written them down.
They are keywords describing the process in the order as they occurred to me either via received or observations and insights:


– Thick and liquid. Above the head
– I say: go ahead, enter!
– Brings Love …. Love …. Love
– What else?
– Awakens dormant (junk) DNA
– Love
– Revokes false information, all that which is not of Divine order
– Affects primarily the pineal gland and the Sacred Heart, the Inner Heart
– Works on the unification of heart and head (pineal gland)as one center of consciousness
– Slowly moves down from above into the head, thick like honey, but with a tickling feeling
– Drops that fall down into the heart ignite joy of a pristine purity
– The foot-chacras are radiating, emanating strong energy currents. Alternating right and left. Hot.
– This liquid carries information. The information of change.
– It informs the physical and psychophysical pattern to change in order to recognize and acknowledge our galactic heritage and participation.
– It transforms the body and implements its new crystalline structure. It feels like it creates the new more transparent body.
– It is a new substance on earth which not only transforms our being, but which is given to be added to it, to stay with it, like we are having now a new ingredient. Something, that was missing before.
– It rewires the brain. I feel as if the brain is worked on to be restructured with new information.
– Major work in the brain.
– Slow moving thick energies.
– Human being is being prepared to become a Galactic being.
– Wow! Feels quite joyful.
– It is happening! Right now!
– Old crusts are being stripped away
– The humanity that once has been, the one of the last 13 Millenniums and more, is being re-constituted!
– The physical process is also a process in consciousness because it is a light-process.
– “They” are changing just our whole human system. Transparency, we are becoming transparent, connected through light with one another.
– It feels like everything “outside” is also “inside” me, there is transparency and no differences.This seems to be the sign of the new human template: a being of light in a body!
– No, we don’t need to get out of the body to ascend. We just get it transformed so that it becomes a vehicle of Divine Purpose.
– The illusion of the dark encapsulation as separate beings is being removed – even on the physical level.
– We are becoming a completely new edition.
– This stuff does it.
– We are being infiltrated by a new “material” that does the work.
– It adds a new vibration to our system (of course a higher one)
– This humming sound is this new vibration which is incorporating in us
– So, as we are vibrating differently and higher, also our “dimension” must follow – to vibrate differently and higher
– This is very exciting
– As it moves further down into the body, it feels like things inside are being re-arranged. Almost like one works with a hay fork in a haystack.
– It is a full re-configuration.
– At least the beginning of it.
– The quality of this substance is surely a crystalline one, and it works on the nervous system and energy-nodes.
– They start to radiate. When I look inside, it looks like blinking little electrical lights on a tree.
– Cleaning up, that’s what it does, and installing new programs.
– Exactly as with my broken computer. Hard drive and has been replaced. Now I can install new software. I was thinking earlier, whether my computer was just a mirror, there is no coincidence.
– Although in my case, I have not been completely dysfunctional as my computer was 🙂
– My computer just couldn’t put up with what was transmitted through me(of course he is an ancient old one too)
– It was just too much, he said, broke down and hoping for being given a new life!
– Now does the new system in our case install itself?
– I am sure, it does. It is just a matter of allowance. The more we allow consciously, the quicker the process.
– And the more of us allow the quicker the process for humanity.
– Even if you are not aware of it, it works anyway.
– I am just here to give testimony, so that you might consciously invoke the process and so that you might become aware of it too.

End of notes.

Honestly, I am excited and I hope you too. This is how it happens, the ascension, that is how we are changed. It is just a matter of vibration, light and information. Very secretly and not as a loud and spectacular event. Or while we are creating "portals".

But perhaps that’s just me, but I don’t think so.
I am looking forward to your responses, my friends!

Much love and blessings!


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