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Tuesday, 10 January, 2012  

Someone sent me an email with information about creating a me for the year. I thought about it for a while and then decided I didn't want a 'me', I'm perfectly happy with the one I am right now, especially if having a ' me' means going through all of the learning, healing, growth and transformation I have done in the last fifteen years. What I would prefer is to have a whole me, one that is perfectly aligned and complete, with my healing and clearing work finished so I can make choices for my life.  

How much do we put on ourselves to change or transform because it's the beginning of a new year? What if we aren't ready to change on January 1 and that doesn't happen until March 31? Do we feel bad for three months because we have to put our 'new me' on hold? I know that we have new realizations every day and this transforms our life in the only way it can be changed, one step at a time. Putting on ourselves to change just because the date is January 1 is an invitation to self judgment and criticism.


I recently gave away some things that I had been hanging on to for years. Now I haven't used them in a long time but I thought I would, so they stayed in a closet until I decided that they would be useful to me again. Then one day last week I was getting something out of that closet and I saw these items and wondered 'why did I keep this?' The connection was gone and I was ready to let them go. And that is how effortlessly release can happen as long as we don't put pressure on ourselves to change too quickly.

We always change in spirit before we change in the physical so as we become more aware of what is happening with us on a spiritual level, we may also become aware of what may feel like stagnation. This is a time to be gentle with ourselves and to remember that we carry energetic imprints that have been with us for eons. The gradual process of healing prepares us to be ready to replace what we release, so that we are always filling our cup and emptying it at the same time. And this is a much gentler, whole and aligned approach to creating a new me, one that we can sustain and that will support us on the next steps of our life journey.

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