5 January 2012

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

These changing and active times require to be fully grounded with the , anchored in the self, yet fluid in your being/reactions.

You can be fully grounded with the Earth at all times, no matter where you are and what you do.

In addition to be mindful of your grounding, you should also pay close attention to your . They should also be balanced and strong. You see, for the "higher" to work properly and help you advance, the "lower" must be solid and powerful. Like with anything, you need a strong base. If your superior are mighty while your inferior are weak, you will tip over or rise so high above the ground that you will have trouble being functional or relating to others here on Earth or to the realities of the planet.

You need that strong base. We know that some disregard the lower chakras, finding them mundane or too "worldly", but they are essential, no matter ho plain they may seem compared to the elevation the superior ones brings. To be fully functional in this reality, both your feet must be planted firmly on the ground – literally and figuratively.

You can be both solid as a mountain and fluid like a stream. Oneness is also about embodying opposing aspects or elements in balance and with grace.

Spirituality is extremely important, but you need to be down here, fully present on this Earth to accomplish your work, not "up in the clouds", in the altered state of being so connected to spirit that interacting with this world you chose to come down to is almost impossible..

If you were meant to do your work entirely in the spiritual realm, you would have skipped this whole Earth of being in the body altogether. Please keep that in mind.

There are many ways to ground yourself, through intent, by walking barefoot on the ground or in water, taking a bath, washing dishes, gardening, connecting with trees with your forehead or bear hands on the bark, placing your bare hands or feet on the ground, if only for a , petting domesticated or farm animals, feeding them or shoveling manure also works. Preparing a meal with intent – connecting with your actions that will feed yourself or your family – thanking the plant or animal for their , and so on helps you stay grounded to this Earth and to your body. Bring your mind to your fee and your bottom, if you will.

We know how deligthful and blissful it is for you to be in meditation/communion with your higher self, the spirit realm and all that is, but remember that We need you here. Your work is here on this planet.

The to spirit is vital. It is a part of a balanced self. You need that link to further your own journey. To understand and accept what is going on personally and collectively, and to help others navigate from the mind to the heard – just like you learned to do – and to change the world.

Living exclusively from the mind – that is, with no heart connection (which severed the link to spirit) – yielded poor results. A great number of you have been living from the heart with intent for quite a while now, but most of the society is stubbornly holding on to the old ways of the mind. Most of the time, lasting change does not come overnight. You have to click, if you will, have your epiphany, then start building slowly, brick by brick.

You will still need the mind in the heart-based world. The heart and the mind belong together if you will. They form a great partnership when they are in balance. Still, the base is always at the heart. Always from the heart to the mind, and not the other way around.

Going from one extreme to the next has never helped anybody. Balance should always be the main goal, for without it, someone/something always loses or gets lost.

To bring about changes on this Earth – new beginnings – letting ancient ways/knowledge in to light the path, you need to be fully present and grounded here.

There seems to be a certain number of Earthlings who are on a spiritual high if you will. If you are always mindful of yourself and of your surroundings, you will know if you have encountered people in such a state. For you sensed you felt solid and grounded prior to meeting them (or reading their words, listening to their messages…), but the more time your spent in their "presence", the more you felt dizzy or light headed or have more and more trouble focusing on anything. They looked blissful, but seemed to be connected to a reality other than the one experienced here. Like their eyes were always looking upwards instead of gazing into your own. It can be a very eerie and scary feeling. If you take a moment to snap out of it, and do some conscious grounding and clearing, and maintaining your connection with the Earthly world, you should start feeling back to normal.

It took quite a few such encounters for the to realize that overwhelming feeling did not belong to her. It can be quite debilitating when you think what you are picking up is yours and you then decide – unconsciously – to hold on to it.

And if you "meet" people or their energies while they are in such a state, many of their points will make sense, but they have trouble making it stick or mesh with the reality of this world. These thoughts are like a multitude of helium balloons rising up in the air – attempts to catch them all will make you out of breath/dizzy, and if you are not careful, you may find yourself floating up in the sky. When you see the world from up there, your perceptions or sense of reality becomes warped. Perspectives change depending on where you stand. By that We mean that you have trouble applying these great insights and truths in the Earthly reality.

If you forget to always remain fully grounded to Earth, you are missing an important link or key, making it very challenging for you to transfer your spirit's knowledge and insights to this world. You will seem out of touch with the reality here on Earth and with the reality of others. In other words, to be truly and fully connected to yourself and others, and help yourself and others heal and bring about great change, you need to be Here. Otherwise, you cannot be the bridge between what is (on this Earth) and how things should or can be (through the guidance of spirit).

You see, when you are up there in the spirit world, many of the Earthly struggles or concerns seem trivial or inconsequential. In fact, quite a few of you have become conflicted when you look at your own "mundane" life and you compare it with the truths of spirit you have uncovered. Well, the reality is most of you have Earthly obligations involving bills to pay and a regular job that is not always uplifting. And while many structures are obsolete and unfair, chances are you will be penalized if you fail to do certain things. The key is to follow the rules you absolutely have to so you can freely concentrate on creating the changes you feel are necessary. For instance, following the rules of fashions or trends (huge TV, cable, fancy car) is absolutely optional, but most of you need to pay rent or make mortgage payments every month so you can have a roof over your head. It is always about the basics.

We simply want to remind you how important it is to stay grounded and balanced, to be connected to the spiritual realm while remaining fully functional in this world.

Things work differently in the spirit realm. It is essential to be able to apply in your tangible world the lessons, truths and high vibrations of the spirit realm. And for that, you absolutely need to have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

If you find that some friends or acquaintances are not as "present" as they used to or should be, ask them about their grounding practices or casually mention that you noticed you feel the need to do a lot more active grounding these days and to check more often that you are fully grounded at all times. Forcibly telling them what to do will just make them want to get higher up in the spirit realm. For life is so much more peaceful and easy up there. You have no cares, no obligations, no responsibilities.

And if you find yourself wanting to escape to the spirit world – escape being a key word – then We suggest you reconnect fully to .

It is possible to be connected to all that is, to have your intuition fully activated and see the spiritual potential in everything and everyone and be fully engaged in your Earthly life in body on this planet.

Remember that you chose to come here to have this experience in body. Life on Earth can be quite challenging. There is so much you have to agree to forget and abandon before coming here. Only to do everything you can to remember once again. You accept to feel pain, hunger, fatigue… experience prejudice, unfairness, loss… You also get to experience great joy, happiness, love, laughter, friendship and other beautiful things that are unique to life here on Earth.

As tough as it can be down here, remember also that there are so many things one cannot do or experience when one is solely in spirit.

Spirit life is a breeze compared to bodily life on Earth. Still, the moment you leave this place, all you want is to return.

You are here, now.

Now is the time to fulfill your spirit's mission, to shine your light as only you can. Yes, you have been here before and will probably come back again, but your adventures, lessons, circumstances and experiences in this form and at this time are unique.

There is so much this particular life of yours has to offer and that you have to offer this particular time on the planet. Embrace you life, live it to the fullest. Learn, remember, evolve, fulfill your spirit's mission…

Just remember to keep both feet anchored on solid ground.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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