26 January 2012
Channeler: Bareld Nijboer

Partnership – in the Universe

Arisa speaks to me

The way the partners of the work has to do with love and understanding each partners prospective and “viewpoint”.
Rules are more a SharePoint experience than rules on paper, like you have on Earth. We communicate telepathically and share our feelings, like you too feel our and love Bareld.
The number of partners has been growing, as pointed out to you by Ashtar before ( like some of the new Orion clusters, once part of what used to be, dark ones) and this number of new partners of Light and Love is growing as we speak.
We feel very connected to our Earth brothers and sisters as they are very close relatives of us.

True expansion comes from ones flow of love in ones Being, one should strive for highest flow of this.
Creation of live has always been an important task of Sirians and Pleiadians, but we know what to do with Light Creations as well. The works together, in partnership, with the Galactic Federation on tasks concerning in monitoring, guiding, facilitating, reconstructing, reforming, educating, building and changing, in all kinds of areas. The true nature of our Brotherhood’s partnership lies in the fact that we work from the knowledge of Love for All Beings in the Universe and treat them as such. We love All, no matter what choices they make. Your free wills are never in danger.
Now let’s work with you, our new to become partners, to bring Universal partnership to Earth.
We know you and you know us. You only need a remembrance of your true selves. To Create IS to Love.
I am Arisa of the Pleaidian system.
I “work” for the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command.
I thank Ashtar for letting me speak through one of “his” Channelers.

(Ashtar wanted to add this to it):

All fractions (partners) within the speak their words and feelings of Light and Love, only slightly different views can appear to the surface.
My friends, they are only minor and will not be a danger towards working together in Love and Light. We come from Light and Love, as are other partners too.
Now we leave you with sending our Love to you.
Your friend,