Remember in the movie “Papillon” (if you don’t remember this movie or it was before your time, google it and watch it. Its great!) when Steve McQueen had to go into solitary confinement (no! not that time in “The Great Escape”) on Devils Island and another prisoner stuck his head out of a hole in his cell door and said “how do I look”?  Well that’s the way I feel with all of these portals we’ve been going through, from the perspective of the prisoner, Steve Mcqueen, and the person watching the movie! All at the same time! Think about it. You feel like this too. Yes?

Passing through or gateways with numerical designations was popularized by Solara and the first 11:11 gateway 20 years ago. Now I’m not saying she invented the idea of passing through portals because that is as old as well….birth. I’m saying she “popularized” designating a particular portal focused in time and space, naming it,  preparing to pass through that portal, passing through the portal, then noticing what has changed (in other words “how do I look”?).

Relative to my source I am always the same, nothing changes. How I look is always relative to the field of change around me and who is doing the looking. In other words, what relative expression of myself is looking, and what relative expression of myself is being looked at, and what relative expression of myself is the “movie set” this is all taking place in.

So if you are feeling somewhat discombobulated by the energy shifts you are experiencing, remember to find your still point inside you. From that unchanging point of view, observe all the other points of view you have expressed yourself as. Also remember your expressions are a grand movie you created for the purpose of experiencing your grand self. Watching all the movies you have produced will also inspire you to create your next advancement in movie paradigms. Roll ‘em Lester!