Jan 19


Humans are awakening to realize that they are not limited by their . They are not limited by their beliefs of time. They are not limited. Humanity is awakening to its magnificent expression of Divine Mind[HEART].
This dimension, this reality has had a lock-down. Your skills and abilities were being honed just to be in a physical . There were spans of time when that of being physical was your focus, and the other aspects receded into the background. Now your codes are activated; you are beginning to step into your role in the divine unfoldment of the next evolution of consciousness.

The world is experiencing a global … More people are moving from the grid of fear, separation, and manipulation into the conscious, aware state of mind and experience–of truly owning their personal power and their personal actions as a part of the Divine whole. They are awakening… to the knowing that they are multidimensional, to acceptance of their role in the global and galactic transformation. This is accomplished by of their personal power– of how their actions/thoughts/words affect the whole.

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