Power Path ~ Full Moon Update Jan 9, 2012

6 January 2012

Channeler: Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

is Sunday, January 9 at 12:32 AM Mountain (the night of Saturday the 8th). Make sure you are doing something expansive, perhaps a out of character or eccentric, and allow for something out of the ordinary to happen even if it is be a disruptive. The disruption can be positive in the long run. See anything that happens around this time as a gift that is setting you up for growth and evolution. Focus on the artisan spirit and contemplate what is to you. Are you being as creative as you want to be? How can you be more creative in your life right now? Do something small to insert just a bit more into your day. Stay positive no matter what.



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Full Moon 180 ~ Sun in Capricorn 180
Sunday, January 9, 2012 12:30 AM MST

The Moon is full in its own , Cancer that most fertile and feminine of signs. There is an audible sigh of comfort and relief to be in such a tangibly receptive . Or is it just the relief of completion of the holiday festivities? Such a whirlwind since the last Full Moon…

Cancer is the sign of the Mother, as Capricorn, her polar opposite, is the sign of the Father. We are reaching culmination on the polarity of security at this Full Moon. While practical, paternal Capricorn builds stability and security in the material world, nurturing, maternal Cancer is creating a safe container for emotional security. Cancer ruled by the Moon teaches us about the nature of constant change, of the wisdom inherent in the repeating nature of cycles, of the ebb and flow of the tides that the Moon governs, how the cycle of going inward and renewing in the darkness of is as valuable as the clarity and awareness of the radiant light of Full Moon.

Cancer’s element, water, assumes the form of whatever container she finds herself flowing through, thus she is given the qualities of empathy, adaptability, receptivity. Her sensitivity to all emotional influences can make her highly intuitive as well as inconstant, moody and self-protective. Cancer’s symbol of the crab depicts her hard outer shell that protects that soft, sensitive under belly making her approach side-stepping and tending to face sticky situations indirectly and with shy caution.

But don’t mistake this creature; Cancer is the cardinal water sign, so she puts her very active imagination and resourcefulness to good purpose. She is the sign of the Mother, after all. Her ambition is to protect and nurture the home and family. She rules the fourth house of the zodiac at the nadir or bottom of the chart – it is the home, family and ancestors that create our foundations that allow us to move out into the world and create our social and collective worlds. Interesting how the holiday season that surrounds the Solstice in Capricorn has so much to do with the desire to gather together with our family and community (Cancer/Capricorn) and engage in the rituals that continue our comforting and stabilizing traditions. As adults, it seems in one moment we’re longing to return to the home and family of our youth and in the next, we can’t get out of that nest fast enough and back into our own realities. What a powerful magnetism that maternal/paternal polarity of Cancer/Capricorn exerts on each of us.

We all are born of mothers. We all have family roots, ties and responsibilities, or long to be part of a family, or as spiritually-minded types create our own families of like-minded souls. Family is where we see so clearly the ebb and flow of the cycle of life through time.

I am blessed to be writing from – Mother Africa – source of all humanity, source of all races. The land here is beautiful and powerful. They speak of Pangaea here when all the continents were one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangaea

The energy in the land feels ancient and at the same time there is a pervading feeling of REBIRTH! Tangible is the joyous return to life, growth, creativity of the Great Feminine-the pure joy of re-emerging to her full power and expression of all that she is after a long period of withdrawal and renewal. Out of a great divisive polarity of the past witnessed by the entire world, South Africa rises with youthful creativity and energy. The inconceivable injustice of man’s inhumanity towards man has played out and is giving birth to a new era. Much healing and forgiveness must unfold; much reaching across polarities to form tentative liaisons must transpire. Great courage is called for to spiral to where we have not been able to travel as yet in the past. It is the template for the times. This is the evolutionary path we all follow in our personal lives and in our global community.

Two thousand twelve marks an edge where the lessons of separation and polarity have run their course. We all (reading this) see clearly the consequences and results of that dance of destruction and separation. Just as the sun spot cycle is reaching its apex in the next 12-18 months, so are we reaching the culmination of a very dark period in social history. No, change doesn’t always happen quickly, but it can. As our heart replaces our brain as our source of guidance, we may just surprize ourselves. Our task is to hold our minds in check and give permission for the new path to unfold through our hearts. Relax, breathe, trust. Don’t believe the stories your mind makes up. Picture yourself as the child in the arms of the Great Mother at this Moon. Relax, breathe, trust. You are being nurtured and supported – always.

As ruler of the stomach and breasts – organs of nourishment, Cancer encourages you to use this Moon to nurture yourself and consider your emotional needs and the subconscious messages coming through to you in the mysterious language of the universe.

Along with the Cancer energies, the Full Moon chart provides an opportunity to work with the Capricorn Sun in a practical manner using the quantum field to shift our ideas and perceptions of what is with the help of Mercury entering Capricorn and aligning closely with powerful, transformative Pluto through Jan 13. The Sun’s activity, vitality and productivity are supported with a trine from Mars in Virgo and given a huge creative boost from a quintile aspect (720) to Uranus who loves to think out of the box and come up with the unexpected, pure genius solution to a problem. So use the focus of Mercury working with Pluto to do the heavy lifting and resolve those issues and situations that need a quantum transformation. With Mercurial links to all the heavy hitting planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn, now is the time to begin implementation of all the inspiring ideas that came to you with the renewal of the year. There actually are three quintiles aspects (720) in this chart and at least five inconjunct aspects (1500). These energies are subtle, creative, somewhat uncomfortable and unfamiliar and create portals for handling yourself in new ways. Reality is beginning to slip from the tangible to the fluid. Practice playing with it, making your self laugh with it, standing in the midst of not knowing and feeling around for joy.

The only water planet in the sky is the moon until Jan 13th when Venus moves into Pisces, so enjoy the feminine, receptive interlude that this Cancer Full Moon brings. Neptune’s slow return to Pisces on February 3rd will be a most welcome balance of elements.

01/20 Sun moves into Aquarius

01/23 Aquarius New Moon 12:41 AM MST, 20

01/23 Mars retrograde 230 Virgo until April 13

01/23 – Year of the Dragon

02/07 Leo Full Moon 2:54 PM MST, 180 

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