17 January 2012

Channeler: 's Daughter of

Are you always aware of your (new) energetic boundaries Earthlings?

So many people drop by to "see" you at all times of day and night – both friends and foes. It is a very natural and common process, but one that has been accelerated and has expanded these past few months. Some of you have been sensing lately that others have been entering their space way too close for comfort.

Before, when they visited, they were simply peeking at the window with both hand on the glass, and now they somehow come right in and sit on your lap! Be aware you could be doing the same things without even realizing it.

The thing is, the more you – both the individual and the collective you – open up to everything that you are and to all that is, walls that were there before vanish, either instantly, or slowly fading away. And for that reason, your old boundaries need to be reinforced or upgraded to keep up with the times if you will.


After all, you do want to make sure that is only you in there at all times. That the only person influencing and affecting you… is you. Mind you, it is actually more complicated than this, but that is you need to know at this time

Here is a very simplistic example to illustrate the that has taken place on an energetic level. We are talking about energetic distance/boundaries or access:

For years and years, you've been living in a small village in huts spread a good distance apart. Modest huts, a bit drafty and poorly insulated, but it did not matter. Because of the distance between each hut, you had all the privacy and protection you needed. Then one day, the huts started to move closer together – ever so slightly each day – even those who felt something was different could not put their finger on it. And one day, as you got out of your hut, you noticed (or sensed) that all huts had been squished against each other.

As the walls are tumbling down so to speak, and your feel more, you are more sensitive or acute about yourself and with those around you and everybody feels more and more connected with one another, you must (constantly) adapt. You must protect your bubble, solidify your boundaries.

There are a lot of more things moving around if you will, and you must be aware of that fact. That things have changed. Great things yes, but some of the stuff that is rising to the surface may startle or incapacitate you if you are not ready for it. For they may seep through holes in your boundaries.

In other words, so much is happening that if you forget to take time for yourself and reevaluate your boundaries, you will get distracted, sick, lost… This is very similar to catching someone else's cold because one of you got too close.

Only because this is about , space and boundaries, it can get very tricky to detect. Especially considering you never had to think about this before. This is new, so it may take a while to remember to always lock your so to speak and look into the peephole to check who (truly) is knocking before letting anybody in… And make sure nobody is hiding behind, trying to sneak in. Remember, We are talking about boundary infiltration.

Being aware and vigilant about this change will help your days go smoother. If you forget about it, you may simply hit a few more bumps than necessary or take a detour. It just is, all you need is to discover a new way to go with the flow. Like getting a stronger canoe.

In some ways, it is a small thing, a detail, but a very important one.

So be observant. Spend some time by yourself. As much as you can. As much as you need to.

The less you know your personal energetic boundaries, the more time you will require to define them, grasp how it feels for you to be invaded and see what strengthening your boundaries mean for you.

Once you know what they are, your daily practice will vary in length. For these energetic boundaries are like your weather, every day is different. All you need to know is where and what your boundaries are and how to read the map. We are sure you will quickly get the hang of it.

Some days or weeks, you may feel your borders are vulnerable to intruders – a neutral term for Us, simply meaning all trespassers, well-meaning or otherwise. Anybody or anything coming in uninvited and unwelcome and creating chaos, turmoil or pain. The key is to know your borders if you'd like.

Know that your own boundaries or borders may be quite different from those of the . Each of you is different that way. What may feel like an intrusion to the may be experienced by you as a polite knock on the door asking permission to enter. Please keep that in mind while you interact with others. Everybody is a different stage of boundary definition if you will.

And the wonderful thing is that, because the connections between one another are multiplying, whatever work you put into your own boundaries will help everybody else's with theirs- if only to grasp the concept that they need to buy a lock for their door.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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