11 January 2012


Message from – Encouragement in times of shifting

Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly.

Channeled through Michael Xavier on behalf of the

Sananda- All of the things that many of you have postponed in life due to fear , which has been so prevalent for so many of you beloved ones – we admonish you to fully release this and claim your infinite potential as limitless creative beings in the kingdom of God.

You are a perfect child of the Creator of the Universe who has made you in this image, wonderfully and beautifully replete.

It is only in a moments and states of forgetfulness – in falling in line with many others in a forgetful that have collectively agreed on a limited fear ridden illusion that has brought so many of you hardship and powerlessness.

It is important now in this time beloved ones to forgive all those who have seemingly wronged you. To forgive and shed love on everything that comes into your conscious – these things will be forgiven, and you will be able to move further away from them, and they too will be able to move forward as you move forward.

is ascending inward to the divine inheritance that has been placed inside you, and in doing so remember that you cannot take the dense vibratory energies into the higher vibrations / dimensions of light.

There is a great shift taking place in this most monumental time as many ascension energies are being extrapolated to not only the collective consciousness but also to those who are holding the / at this time on your sphere.

Interlinking hearts and minds through the Cosmic / Christ consciousness grid are allowing energies from the higher dimensions to anchor through you beloved ones that are doing the work on the “ground” here in the denseness of this reality.

Many of you are getting the most tremendous swings of energetic integration, especially in concordance to where you are physically placed, as you are anchoring these harmonics into the areas simply with your presence here on the third dimensional level which is in the process of shifting into the octaves of the fourth dimensionality.

Liken it as a few very strong anchored beings of light playing tug of war with the rest of awakening humanity. This is a concept that we can use to try and bring to your minds just what many of you are experiencing and going through now in a very tug of war like state of energetic resonance.

We understand that it can be tiring in these bodily frequencies but we admonish you to remain steadfast in these times, always taking inventory and being cognizant of those things becoming exposed in the new energy now being spiritually applied to the collective which simply needs lovingly cleared away from your conscious awareness.

Remain steadfast and strong in the light and in the heart of your universe Creator and all will be well.

You are all being guided and are loved beyond any conceivable notion, simply remain open to our guidance and you shall have it.

Be strong and Courageous.

I AM Sananda