by Selene Aswell

Will the whole world go to the 5th dimension, if there are evil people in the world?

I AM Adama, High Priest of Telos, and I want to say first, before saying anything else. . . I love you. All of you. Every ever born, I have such love for you all.

And so does God. God loves all of you, God loves every person who has ever been born; every thought, deed, and emotion. . . God loves all of you and all of your experiences. There is no evil that is evil enough to cause God to reject any person, ever.

The feeling that has provoked this question stems from an internal rejection. You do not feel that you are worthy of God's love, and so you project that fear onto the world. For if you do not deserve God's love, then surely there are others in the world who are similarly “rejected”. While it is true other people reject themselves, I repeat, God has never and will never reject any of you.

Why do you reject yourself?

I suggest you take a moment to look inward, to reflect on your . Your will rise up and speak to you. Your will bring you messages of your innate purity, of the great love that you are. I suggest that you pause and mediate with your own Great .

After you have opened to experiencing the in you, I will send you . This is from God, reflected through my heart to yours. God is sending you a message, unique to you, and yet with the same basic meaning…. I love you. As I send that transmission of from GOD, I am also offering to reflect a part of your soul back to you. The part of you that you have rejected, that causes you to fear and to doubt your own worth. That part I am helping you to reconnect with. If you choose to accept this transmission, you will feel even more whole, even more at peace with yourself.

This is the true focus of : SELF LOVE.

If you come to an even deeper expression of Self Love, you will automatically love the rest of the world, even the “evil” people. For truly, there is no evil, only an expression of pain. Those who harm others, are themselves in pain. While this is not an excuse for their actions, it does bring forth in me a feeling of compassion for those people. I love even those who harm others. I offer love, support, and forgiveness to even those who harm others. If you come to love yourself, then you will open to loving all people. As you give compassion to yourself, you will flow compassion to the world around you. You will heal other people and the world simply by openly flowing love and compassion. The people who feel your love will shift to reflect the way you perceive them. Meaning, if you are compassionate with a person, they will themselves behave in a more compassionate manner. In this way, you can effect change in your world.

But it begins with SELF LOVE. Even I, Adama, High Priest of Telos, had to first learn true Self Love. If you would like, I will in this moment send to you an image of what True Self Love looks and feels like. This will benefit you greatly. If you choose to deeply accept this lesson, know that you are welcome to ask for that “image” again and again. As a multidimensional “image” you will be able to experience it on many levels, it will help you to shift your vibration to reflect the frequency of True Self Love. I suggest you meditate frequently with me on this topic. I will Self Love for you, again and again. And when you are vibrating harmoniously with this pure frequency, you will become a for others. They will shift their vibration in a reflection of your example, and they will come to love themselves more truly. In this way, you can effect major change in your world. (This is the nature of self healing. When you heal yourself, you enable others to do the same.)

I truly believe there will come a day when all people living on Earth will resonate harmoniously together, vibrating the frequencies of Love, Peace, Trust, Abundance, Joy, and Freedom. The song we will all sing together will be quite beautiful. That is my dream, which I am working towards, which I hold in my heart.

With Love,

I AM Adama

note: To receive any of these , simply say out loud or in your heart, “Yes, Thank You, I receive.”