One of the best ways to help focus and pray for the world is to take out "the globe." It is placed on my dining room table and I set crystals that have been in the sun that day and a horseshoe and a four leaf clover among treasured and meaningful objects around its base. I then rub my hands together and allow heat and to rise and rotate my hands around every island, country and state, vast oceans and skies. Then I say a heartfelt thought or sing a song. I call every angel and being of light and love to assist in the healing of our planet and its people. While this seems simplistic it is rather a bold statement. I am allowing faith to be in charge and growing in strength with the spiritual realm, infusing tones of gratitude.

It must be done consistently in order to be effective. This rich focusing for a few moments each day adds to the quickening and transformaton of us all. Like a heart nightlight this redirects our worries and concerns into a gift we give to the world. The globe prayer is a love letter, setting aside all wounds and wishing that humanity will become its own perfect companion, playful friends, responsible caretakers of their Gaia. It is your turn to pay homage to the unique philosophy that is within all individuals and lifestyles. As artists we learn to blend and respect diversity, every interaction counts. We are Gods flights of fancy….lush, creative and awesome. Exceed your expectations for a beautiful life, and do this one excercise to uplift us into ascension.