3 January 2012

Channeler: Ourselves

Here's a new tool for you, actually a tool the corporations have been using for some time: a shredder! In the coming weeks and months, you're going to be encountering and coming into of templates and overlays of standards and structures you have used to give yourself a sense of security. That's right–societal standards have not been forced upon you. You willingly took them on, believing they ensured some form of safety or satisfaction.

If you encounter a template that you have placed upon your life force, like standards of beauty, for instance, you may feel it falling away. At other times you may still feel imprisoned within it.

If you do, use your shredder. Construct it out of your favorite material–gold, crystal, hematite, chocolate? (The chocolate shredder gives off the most intoxicating scent.) Pick up template, place in shredder, dump fragments on your compost pile. The newly released that has been trapped in useless standards will nurture and fertilize your dreams and intentions.

A prime shredder candidate is "I'm good enough if I do/don't do this, and I'm not good enough if I do/don't do that." This begs the question, "Um…just who is this I you're talking about?" The I is always good enough. The I never has been this defective thing needing improvement that you've envisioned.

"But this entity walking around with my name *is* defective!" you say. It was only ever the perception that was defective. Allow it to change. When you play with your shredder, you create more space for change. This concept of the shredder may be helpful to you (or not) only in this moment you're reading about it, or it may pop up for you again and again, Either way is fine. Allow it to come into your awareness or not as it is needed.

If you feel intense negative feelings, you can use that as an opportunity to see what standard or template you have taken on. Intense feeling like worthlessness, shame, inadequacy, jealousy and the like are actually an opportunity to see another way in which you have accepted fearful beliefs related to staying safe and being accepted. In the midst of the negative emotion, you may not have the energy for the spring cleaning of releasing the template, but even the merest awareness does its job in time.

Your job is not really to shred–not unless you feel like (mentally) doing something more active. It's only to wake up and see. By now this job is so compelling that you *are* doing it–there is no question of failure to progress or achieve. You and this process are intertwined and cooperating.