17 January 2012

Channeler: Solene

Greetings fellow travelers.

We are here to speak of flow. We feel your and concern with this concept of flow. Your cells are now activating in this knowing of flow triggering within you the asking…

This flow is about an energetic movement, a direction, a passage of sorts that is infused with . When you are moving along with spirit in this flow, the creationary power of yourself is infinite. This passage of flow is bringing to your being; these spirit held are already within you. Your cells hold a remembrance of this flow. Fore you have the abilities to step into this flow in this very . If you choose.

It is wise to open to the acceptance of this flow, at this time. The galactic and the earth bound are working in tandem to facilitate this flow. It is beneficial to be reminded that you are not the only one working to create, that you are now co-creating with Spirit. This co-creation will hold you in a place of confidence long enough for you to see your creationary power, your future and your now. Making the in this moment to allow the flow into your life, is part of why you came here, to understand that you are not alone. That it is not all up to you. You are not singular. If you choose to accept the flow then you will be a part of newness and experience life in a complete mode of . The many levels of your multi-dimensional selves will be brought into a light of new clarity within this flow.

Spirit holds you close, spirit holds you dear.

Fore in this flow there are reference points that are aligned throughout the Passage. You will see these reference points, as they will appear as emotional triggers. They will come in the form of situations, people, places and things that allow for your growth and your choice. These points are for your experience and awareness. The reference points are there not to define you but as a placeholder for your growth. Reference points that come to you along the passage can hold much contrast and can drag you far away from your center. If you choose.

This is where your choice should be to stand tall. It is your choice to trust spirit will guide you into the places of your ultimate desire. Your existence within this passage is for your best interest. It is here for you to see that you hold the power for this flow. You can sustain the balance while in this flow with spirit. This is where you create – in the flow, as a co-creator.

Existence of the flow is a mere confirmation of the fact that your being is here for expansion and that there is no need for becoming less than the full possibility of yourself. You will find many versions of yourself in many places and many times along this passage. This passage will activate the merging of Selves and of the cellular knowing that alignment is a continual process in your life on this earth plane.

The choice, to allow the flow and passage of spirit within the reference of a calm clear message, into this place of you, is for you at this time. Use this choice wisely. Your current self, your ancient self and your future selves are all coming together within this passage. The reference points are there for your healing and your presence. These reference points are activated in simultaneous earth time for expansion of your many selves. Fore it will bring the best and brightest version of you.

Aligning with the ways of spirit will bring you to know yourself more fully. Seeded inside of you is the language of spirit. Allow the current energies to awaken the remembrance of this language within your cells.

The energies that are coming into the universe at this time are bringing the swift re-orienting of frequencies. These frequency changes are affecting the planetary flow, the earthly flow, the bodily flow and the cellular flow of you. If you have asked for spirit in your life, for a knowing of your truth, then step into this flow. If the energies are bringing this flow to your reality at this time, it is in swift accordance with your plan and with your accrued actions.

If you have allowed yourself to accept a newness of you, an acceptance of creationary power, then this flow is for your exploration. This flow is about creating in wonder and mystery. Allowing the falling away of what is not in your best interest and accepting each moment is to step into the mystery of this unknown. The unknown aspects of your many selves are all coming together in this flow.

With the new energies, you now find yourselves in a magnificent new place in the universe. A place of propelled heart felt energetics. The positioning and posturing of our earth and the magnetic resonance of the light, brings a swift accumulation of beingness into your now.

This planetary alignment holds for you a direction in an un-tethered passage of possibilities and acceptance of your place in this world and your place with yourself. As a beautiful being of light this acceptance of your now, the remembrance of who you are, and the power of creation brings you to standing upright within the flow. This upright stance within the flow allows spirit to work with you fully. Stand in your power in this flow. Fore creation and wonder are here.

The conditions on this earth at this time are waiting for your beneficial energies to help support and guide you through this process. The courageous of you within this now understand to not allow all the challenges to define you, to stand upright with Spirit in the flow. With this gift of flow, this gift of spirit as your partner will bring you to a powerful new place. Be with this peace, be with this joy.

Allow the merging of selves, the remembrance of your light, the creation and the flow to come together for your expansion in the view of unlimited potential.

Your spiritual progress and your light is assisting the vibrational patterns of this earth in a most profound way and we thank you.

this embodied message if for your clarity this day january seventeen two thousand twelve