The winds of change in the synchronistic wheel of change blow out the old and give death to the old bearing blood of life again as never known before. a door is opening, the door of truth is open and you have opened yourself up to the blood of life and let flow blood like a river of rubies. The river of life's stream is strong as are you. follow this flow. for it is the path of eternal summer and within every river of life there is a and to what is by asking what isn't? The is in front of you. it is what it is. it is true and real as are you. what you have chosen to be with you on this journey this incarnation is your answer in persons and experience.

Is but an illusion created by ego to make us “think” love is not real, but the truth is your being was love from the moment you created your essence, love has never stopped, love is all  it is your past, it is now, it is the future, suffering does not exist, love always was and will always be, your essence is now and infinitely the catalyst of love above and love below.

The phase now is a learning lesson where we learn that physical relationships and connections ,too, do not have suffering exist at all and we are learning just that now, that in physical relationships to suffering does not exist . A physical relationship where two people are enjoying each other simply and being because they can be themselves in the relationship and when this is present and felt suffering doth not exist and simply lets both beings live their path independently when not in a moment together ,and then also lets them enjoy their path of togetherness when in moments their path comes together . This is a physical relationship without suffering .a self relationship without suffering is already felt and can then be carried on and then shared with another. Because with self they have learned that true enlightenment is the continuation of going on with the flow without suffering and so then can with another sharing simply being as with self in divine love but in a shared experience of love that is true and real just as how they did with themselves in learning that first that love awoken in self true and real creates a respite from suffering ,so then does it as they share that love with another as they enjoy a connection of joy in two beings simply flowing and just being ,but enjoying being together on a shared path.

Enjoy just being with another in an experience of relationship on all levels, mental, physical, emotional ,spiritual and soul level without suffering ,as I have discovered through experience in myself a relationship is possible without suffering so now leads the lesson as we move into a relationship shared with another where suffering doth not exist.