12 January 2012

: Djwal Kul


~**~ My Beloved in Christ:
Let us enter into the of the . "Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you" are the words of the Lord spoken within the of the Apostle James as the key to the union of God and man through the blessed , the . This union has been depicted in the symbol of the six-pointed star – the interlaced triangles that reveal the energies of man ascending and the energies of God descending. The point at which these energies meet is the point within the heart chakra that is the threefold flame of life. Let it be realized that the threefold flame itself is the flaming consciousness of the Christ, that is anchored within every individualization of the Mother-Father God, every son and daughter of the flame.

~**~ As you know, all has frequency, or vibratory rate, but you must understand that the frequencies of man's energies are not the same as the frequencies of God's . For the Lord God has said, " My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways. " In order for God and man to be one on Earth even as the soul of man is one with the spirit of God in Heaven, the Christ comes forth to mediate the frequencies of Matter and Spirit. The perfect blending of the energies of God and man are realized, then, through the Christ Self of the individual or through masters ascended or unascended who have attained the harmony of the Christ mind.

~**~ When Paul said, " Let this mind be in you which was also in christ Jesus, " he spoke of the Christ Self and he directed the disciples of the Lord to let the Christ Self be within their hearts the mediator of perfection. The mind of which Paul spoke has been referred to as the 'higher mental body.' The terms "higher mental body" and "Christ Self" are synonymous, and they refer to the force or presence of the Christos – even to the Logos who becomes the Word incarnate to every son and daughter who recognizes his joint heirship with the Christ.

~**~ To fulfill then the first half of the equation "Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you," mankind must raise the energies of consciousness to the level of the heart through meditation on love, through the application of wisdom, and through the garnering of God's energy as the will to be. As you center your attention more and more upon the heart through the visualizations, precious indeed, imparted to you by our brother Lanello, you magnetizethe energies of the four lower bodies day by day to the heart center, thus according the Christ the preeminence and dominion of your soul awareness.

~**~ The magnet that you create within the heart is the ascended triangle. And the more you meditate upon this triangle superimposed upon the heart, the more it becomes the reality of the dimensuons of the Sacred   in manifestation. As surely as the call compels the answer, so the presence of this forcefield, of this triangle, combined with the letters of living flame " I AM THAT I AM, " will draw the descending triangle of God's consciousness into the heart. And this merging of Creator and creation through the intercession of the Christ Self and the Christ flame is the foundation of our exercise whereby the aura of man becomes the aura of God.

~ End of Part 1

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Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura
by Tibetan Master ~ Djwal Kul
Namaste ~