January 23rd 2012


I am here. I am your friend Rashka. I am so happy to be speaking with you. We have much to discuss this day. Thank you for taking this time for us.

This is indeed an auspicious time in the evolution of your and her inhabitants and companions. So much light is being sent from your sun to your . So much good will follow with and through the light. You ask for signs of the changes that you can experience, and this event is one such sign. I understand that it can be difficult to wait in patience and faith. Please know that the waiting begins to draw to a close as this earthly series of light infusions begins.

Although the true benefit of the new light will be felt, rather than seen or heard, please take comfort in the fact that these events are recordable and measurable and will not be missed. These events, despite any rumors to the contrary, will bring no harm. They will, in all probability, elicit changes to some earthly technologies, but these changes will not adversely affect any systems or machines that would not soon be rendered unnecessary or unwanted in the course of this dawning.

As you know, intent is everything, and the intent of the light now arriving is benevolent. This light is from Source, delivered by way of your sun, and will, after a time, be joined with light from the central sun of your galaxy as they align. All is occurring according to plan.

I wish to share with you the state of celebration for your planet that is being sounded throughout the universe and the next universe and the next, as this process of change begins at a new pace. The addition of light brings home closer and, thus, brings us closer, and for this we are all very grateful. The inhabitants of the earth have made such a brave and wise choice to elevate themselves to a state of less density within a physical dimension. We are all in awe of your strength and proud of your patience. We offer both our congratulations and our full support for your endeavor, which is without precedent. We sing your praises. I wish you could hear the songs. They are loud and strong and carry within their tones and harmonies love and respect, to aid the process along its path. Sooner, rather than later, the songs of praise will be heard upon the earth and the truths contained therein shall be known. Glory! Glory!

Joy and love shall abide upon the earth as in the heavens. Soon, my beloved, all shall be as one again and joy and light shall flow eternal. It can be no other way as we prepare to welcome all of the earth home once again.

Be at peace, stay connected to the light, move freely within the sphere of change, remember home, and it shall be yours within and upon the earth and her universe again, beloved.

Rashka, January 23, 2012

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