23 January 2012

Channeler: Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic – Spiritual Master

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the ,

Cosmic triggers activated by unconditional , created by New Earth Consciousness, are demolishing old mind control programs and slave encodings created by old Earth powers.

The easiest way to genetically control the masses was to fashion deity and karmic belief systems outside of our natural Divine co-creator consciousness. The very first prototypes knew of their Divine Spark but as further generations were born the truth was almost washed away by religion, dictators and governments.

The extreme power of Human thought was known to the Reptilians, Human mind controllers and the rest of the Universe. The collective program of fear and illusion wielded domination of Human mind and spirit for eons. This has manifested as disease, martyrdom, family karma, depression, the inability to manifest, loss of self and total fear.

As more of you wake up and accept your authentic self in , the potency of the old fear codes loses its grip on the individual and the New Earth. In this moment 22 million of you are holding, releasing, downloading and uploading new for the rest of the population. All of you are supported by pure source and your galactic families. We know that in your waking state you do not see your magnificence because of present circumstance; be it financial, emotional or physical difficulty. But know this dear ones that balance is being restored to you, as you are the New Earth’s tomorrow and leaders in the New Human Consciousness. Your new lives will be examples of New Earth Creation. It is an ongoing process of release, let go, surrender and acceptance. You have chosen to release fear and be guided by , surely you can sense your new path in the distance?

Much alchemical change and release is occurring in your individual DNA. DNA karma and projections attached to family lineage is being severed. This was deeply entrenched in Human society during times of slavery, wars and cultural obligation. This energy is void as you choose to ascend the higher dimensions. Most of the release will occur in your dream state. Work with your spiritual colleagues / aids in meditation and they will assist you to remove any leftover residue.

If a feeling of guilt comes up, address it and let go. Remember you are not abandoning anyone; you are empowering yourself and letting go of illusions. To be a Divine co-creator is Self-Mastery, self autonomy. There can be no attachments. Ultimately the choice will always be yours to stop or to progress.

To assist with the process ask yourself these questions:

Am I ready to let go?
What do I get out of it if I hold on?
Is it in my alignment to be a martyr?
How can I maintain balance if I do not release the old?
What do I attain if I let go?

Brothers and Sisters the balancing act and daily grind can be frustrating and all of you want change. It is. The river source cannot be poisoned so bear that in mind when manifesting your new reality.

Many Blessings,
Sharon-Ann and the .

The above channel is transmitted through Sharon-Ann Riley.. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, edited or added to, and credit of and website address www.sharonannriley.com is included.