15 January 2012

: Dalai Lama


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" The theory of interdependence allows us to develop a wider perspective, " the Dalai Lama said.
" With wider mind, less to destructive emotions like , therefore more forgiveness. In today's world, every nation heavily interdependent, interconnected. Under these circumatances, destroying your enemy – your neighbour – means destroying yourself in the long run. You need your neighbour. More prosperity in your neighbour, you'll get benefit. Now, we're not talking about the complete removal of feelings like , attachment, or pride. Just reduction. Interdependence is important because it is not a mere concept, it can actually help reduce the suffering caused by these destructive emotions."

" We can say the theory of interdependence is an understanding of reality, " the Dalai Lama continued.
" We understand that our future depends on global well-being. Having this viewpoint reduces narrow-mindedness. With narrow mind, more likely to develop attachment, hatred. I think this is the best thing about the theory of interdependence – it is an explanation of the law of nature. It affects profoundly, for example, the environment. " Interdependence is a fundamental principle in both Buddhism and ecology. The core belief is that all things are connected in some unfathomable but tangible way. Ultimately, all things are dependent on one another. We are all enmeshed in Indra's net.

Charles Darwin, in a whimsical interlude, had theorized that cat-loving spinsters made one of the most pleasant places in the world to live. This was how his reasoning went: The large number of cats kept by these women had an adverse effect on the proliferation of mice. This was good news for the bumblebees – their underground nests were less likely to be destroyed by marauding mice. More bumblebees in turn caused more flowers to be pollinated. Therefore, Darwin came to the conclusion that more cat-loving English spinsters equals more flowers in !

From the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh: " If you are a , you will see that there is a cloud in this sheet of . Without a cloud, there will be no rain, without rain, the trees cannot grow, and without trees, we cannot make . "

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