by soulinsightawakenings
From Conversations with Adama, BlogTalk Radio Show, on Jan 1, 2012

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I welcome you all and invite you to come to a still place in your , because there's never too much in any situation, you can never be too -full. And as you do this, I will bring increased energy to you, awakening the innate space in the . Breathe in and feel that , and let the energy fill your entire . That's missing often times – the expansion of the . It's easy to tune in to the heart, but there's always so much more to receive, more love and energy you can have in your . I encourage you to feel that, now.

Take a moment to do that.
Selene: I am thinking about 2012 and the new year, and the kind of tradition that we have of setting new years' goals and intentions, and I was wondering if you could give us some advice or suggestions for how to set goals that comes from our heart, our truth, that are alignment with , and being who we are.

A: Absolutely. I'm going to invite everyone else listening to request the active participation of your own Guides, whether you know their names or not, and just simply ask them to place their hand on the back of your heart, and then listen very carefully to how that feels. You can listen with your intention, with your body and your , and receive an amplified connection with your heart. And that's the first step I want to introduce to you. Once you've allowed your heart to expand a even further than it's previous capacity, place your own hand over your heart. This will connect you physically to yourself. We do a lot of etheric journeying and intentions, and we speak from an etheric level, and so it's important for you to remember that your is here, and when we do this work, to begin to feel the full presence and capacity of your Soul as it iexpresses from within your physical vessel. So take a breath again, and hand over the heart.
The more we do this, the more fantastic the energy is going to be within you. The more you incorporate these physical expressions into your spiritual life, the more great alchemy you're going to create because that's what your physical body is about.
So this is the first step I would suggest in connecting to yourself this year – is to merge together your spirit with the physical, and this way you can access levels of inspiration as you set your goals.
Please know that all goals are worthy, no matter what they are, as long as the place from which you are coming as you are creating them is just a simple knowing: I am special, I am unique, I am God-creation. Keep the playing field wide open.
Selene: thank you. Are there any gifts of energy to help us with any blockages toward accepting that it's okay to focus on our physical lives as well as our spiritual journey?
A: Of course. Ok. So place your hands on your abdomen for this exercise, over your belly, and feel the energies contained in this chakra, this center of the body's intelligence. Because this center is all about creative , and it's about integration of the spiritual and the physical in many ways. Many souls who have been drawn to the path of exploring other realms, whether it be Telos or any other spiritual journey, many of you souls have become slightly dissociated from your physical as though it were "bad", and there's many reasons for this, and it's okay. The first step toward really accepting the integration of the full of spirit in the body, would be to start right there, at your navel and the second chakra, to bring your love to the lower chakras! Please bring in waves and mountains of pure, Divine love, all the way into the base of your spine, and send it outward from your root chakra and out.
If you encounter, say a small child, two or three, you can tell that they are fully integrated already. They have not lost their innate, Divine connection. Yet they still remain fully anchored into this vessel, the body. Therefore, they can laugh and smile and cry and yell and all of these things are okay because they are a baby, and people say, "Well, that's just a baby, it's okay if they scream." They can have that expression. Once you're maybe 7 years old, you begin to be molded to behave more like an adult, to act like an adult and you're expected not to express yourself in all ways.
There is value in acquiring maturity, however, the suppression of the voice is not going to help. So part of what I'm conveying is a backward momentum, if you will, an energy reaching far back into your earliest memories, and just going through your system and acquiring awareness of those little, tiny points of time when you were re-routed away from your most natural expression in your physical body. Know that you won't have to recall everything, it's not a trip to the psychotherapists couch, it's just letting your awareness sink back, and letting your consciousness move and find those places. And you can do this just by intending, just by letting it happen. This is like a quick 50 therapists sessions in one second. Let it happen. Say yes. This will begin to absolve those stuck placse where the physical body is not allowed to be in full exprsesion. You might feel your legs more, you might feel your body more fully, and this is a good, good thing.
Know that when you encounter circumstances in your life that would have caused an emotional reaction in the past, now that you are more fully integrated, they will only be just a slight ripple in comparison. When you are fully within the body, fewer things will cause pain. It's just a natural result of being with yourself. The painbody is not triggered when you are fully present. The first step, again, as you allow this to happen, you can just let consciousness glide back into the full expression of your body and let your soul just rest like a feather floating to the earth, knowing gravity will pull that feather to the earth. You don't have to try. Let the feather come to rest, let the soul integrate with the body. When this happens you won't have such questions any more about how to receive and how to work in the world without feeling guilty over this. The integration of physical and spiritual will be automatic and there won't be that dichotomy.
I hope this has helped you to further realize and actualize what I've been saying.
Selene: I am feeling the integration happening you've been describing and seeing it like a feather floating to the ground is very helpful way of looking at it because I know I don't have to "try."
Adama: Yes, the pull of the body is naturally anchoring the soul into the physical expression. It's not something you have to try hard to do. Be in a state of full acceptance of your Divinit. Really accepting that means you will allow the pull of the body to bring your Spirit into full embodiment.
Allowing is so important. o I will help you in this practice of being more allowing of God to work in you. Or, the Goddess to have her work in you. They are two components, masculine and feminine, so allow both the masculine and feminine concepts of divinity to do their work.
The more that you expand in your spiritual awareness, the more your body in expression will begin to open to greater levels of awareness – it's all about integration. You've no doubt heard it expressed in spiritual circles the thought that you are not this physical body, because the physical body passes. The point of this is to bring greater awareness to that part of you that is a soul. However, divinity has created everything perfectly and to dissociate from this physical expression is counter-productive. There is so much more to who you are. The best practice to be closer to divinity to perceive it is to be int he flow. You are carried along into more deep expressions of who you are and the core essence, it's the part of you that never shifts, that never changes – the part of you that is always in awareness, and you could perceive it as being always in process, because things are forever emitting from this divine spark – emanations of self and new expressions of self are alwasy becoming new and emerging from this source.
I hope that my words have answered your questions, and helped you to understand how live a more integrated life.