Message from Master,
Channeled by:
January 09, 2012

Blessings to One and to All. It is grand to be speaking through our dear vessel once again after only speaking through her a few precious days ago. Needless to say, I have much to say.

Being that I AM the Lord of Love, today I would like to speak of Love of the purest sense – . It has come to my attention from careful observation there are great many dear souls who love, but still with expectations and conditions. Dear ones, it is imperative to understand, loving another person in the purest way possible is give of yourself with NO expectations and of NO conditions. When you love unconditionally for the pure sake of loving, great satisfaction and fulfillment will be reached. Waiting for a response, or a reaction from who you are expressing to may only lead to disappointment because you have added an expectation. Remember, it is always better to give than receive. Knowing in your heart you made someone’s day a little brighter as a result of your thoughtfulness should be enough. Look hard within yourself dear ones if you are upset when you don’t receive some kind of gratification from whom you are expressing yourself to. In this day in age of such great change, it is important to think outside of yourself and to note not all will be openly responsive and this is by no means a reflection on you or on them. Accepting everyone whom you associate with, regardless if they are family, friend, , etc., is important and a valuable asset to your spiritual and personal growth.

It is a big step for many dear ones on this planet to go the extra step to love so openly and purely. It is because it risks others seeing their vulnerabilities, their humanness. Many do not want others to see any weakness for they have not come to terms with it themselves. Dear ones, this is part of the reason why I AM here. I will guide you to your own divinity through careful observation of yourself. You will see that any weakness perceived is actually a strength. That does not mean there is not any room for improvement, because no one is perfect. There is always perfecting and mastering to do. This part of your journey like all parts is very rewarding when you learn to open your heart, purely and unconditionally with love. The people around you will notice the wonderful change in your demeanour. Your features will have softened in a way not noticed before and you will have around you a peaceful calmness that is filled with strength from accomplishing many challenges that brought on interesting lessons.

Even if you are already awakened or just starting out, you will soon find it important to establish a strong foundation of spiritual identity that is based on love, endurance, compassion, mercy, power, courage and much more. Working on each one to perfect understanding and learning how to merge them into one beautiful act of Godliness. The changes you will bring about will also raise your own ascension and raise the Earth’s ascension also. Every time you act, speak and think with pure, unconditional love you are improving the world around you. Each of you has your own unique divine purpose. Learning your Divine Purpose dear ones requires serious dedication and commitment. Once you step into the light and move forward a few steps and see the results from the good things you have just completed will be enough to encourage you to stay on this course that will bring you to finding absolute peace with yourself and with God.

There is no quick way of reaching your goals. The goals you have made for yourself, either spiritual or personal requires great diligence and patience dear ones and you know this already. It is the patience side of journey that seems to be the most difficult. And it is understandable. To rush your journey and move swiftly through your lessons gives too much opportunity to miss important and crucial information given to you by means of your guides, God or others that are trying to support you. Take your time dear ones. Where you are at on your journey is where you are meant to be and you are progressing as planned. You may not like the sometimes slowness and wish to quicken the pace; but many have already seen the complications that arise from impatient rushing. We do not wish to see you repeat a lesson, we of the Divine wish to see you learn your lesson well and embrace the lesson as it comes.

Do not hesitate to call upon me for assistance if you are struggling with the many changes that you are facing. I will help you destroy all the negative tendencies that will only weaken your own connection with your Divine Self and with God. You will learn how to discern when your spiritual self is being depleted due to being in the company of others with or from clearing through negative debris while working through your own personal clearing and repairing of your mind, body and spirit. There are also some dear ones who have been recipients of psychic attacks and they have learned to recognize right away through discernment and set up blocks and preventative measures to counter the effects. I, Sanat Kumara will guide you and support you with these situations with my gentle loving way.

By invoking your pure and unconditional love, there is nothing dear ones that you cannot accomplish. Believe with ALL your heart. You are an unstoppable force as you hold deep within your own body a beautiful heart that is filled with Power and Love and so much more. Reach in dear ones and discover yourself and this beautiful Power that is illuminated by the Light of God. Embrace God into your soul; let Him in your heart, freely and openly. Feel the special warmth that God will give spread throughout your body; don’t just imagine this feeling, but visualize through you as a sensitive life form of mind, body and spirit. God freely gives His love to you. Are you ready and able to give your love freely to Him? Take your time with your answer. Remember there is no right or wrong answer. You must work within your own comfort zone and if you are not ready to love at this grand capacity to God, He still loves you and knows you WILL love Him and others fully and unconditionally when you are ready.

Love is a wonderful subject dear ones; one of my favourites. I will begin to close our discussion today with a flood of love meant to wash over you and cleanse any discord that may be hanging onto your spirit body that will indeed effect your mind and heart. Take heart dear ones that you are deeply loved and admired. We know your struggles have been huge and we see the fatigue that sometimes surfaces on your dear and beautiful faces. Give yourself a break; treat yourself once in awhile when you are feeling low especially. When you do this, know and believe it is God who is giving you this Gift. It is God that says, “Yes it is Ok to take a time out and indulge occasionally”. Your selflessness and love onto others is forever noted by Him and by others of the Divine. Find peace with yourself dear ones and you will discover a fountain of unending love.

And so it is, Master Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller