18 January 2012



Earth , 1994, Adelaide, South Australia: Jan Heinrich & the Chi-Ean, Iqra,

IQRA: I come as I have been beckoned. I greet you. I greet you sister (this spoken to one present who has Chi Ean Essence). What is it you would ask me?

Q: How do you perceive the Earth Healing as done by this group?

IQRA: We are beings of feeling. We feel most knowingly. Therefore, I speak fairly emotively. and sensitively of the warmth that we feel as the changes begin. Warmth and upliftment, and also of movement. Yes.

Perhaps, do your best to understand such as we. We who are so much focussed on feeling.

Feeling is all, to us. Feeling is communication. Feeling is life itself. And so, as our energies pick up the changes, we move with them. For our rhythm, our movement, moves similarly.

Ah, it is hard for me to communicate this. I shall do the best I can.

Therefore it feels so much more pleasant to move with the energies that move with us now. They move within us, and we move with them. We are a part of the rhythm of the Earth itself. So it is wonderful. We feel more uplifted. We feel lighter. We feel warmer. We feel more at peace within ourselves as Earth children.

Because we are sensate, the vision that we have is also sensate. Our sight is different to your sight, for it comes with feeling, similar, one would imagine, as the feeling you would get when you look upon something that you love; for it evokes love in you. This is how we are all of the time; looking with love. Looking and loving are the same to us. Looking, loving and feeling;they are all the same.

As always, we look upon the changes most lovingly. It evokes much love for us. And so, are you getting a similar sort of picture?

It is a movement. It is a loving and it is a heightening of that. It feels good. It looks good. It is most pleasant. We are not a race that analyses in great detail. We feel more than we analyse, and it works well for us. We are most sensate creatures.

Q: Are the Chi-Eans participating in our Earth Healing sessions?

IQRA: Yes. We are part of the network.

Q: Where do the Chi-Eans live?

IQRA: Some of us are here within the Earth. Some of us are within the core of the Earth; within the very centre, and we are the Earth's children, you may say.

Some of us are not here. Some of us are elsewhere; upon another place entirely which has physical substance, which cannot be named. I am bade not to name it, for it is not beneficial to do so.

Q: When I hear about beings living in the centre of the Earth, is it Chi-Eans being referred to?

IQRA: It can be, yes. It is most likely it is referring to the race of the Chi-Eans. We have moved. We have travelled. We have explored. As sensate beings, we wish to experience more sensation. These sensations have carried us to many places; to many beings; to many; to many dimensions, to share as we share now.

Q: Who in this room is connected to the Chi-Eans? (a female in the group asks)

IQRA: You yourself have had such a lifetime, and in this you are alone in the group of these people. Communication has occurred with all who are here, and yet it is you who are sister, as we call you sister, and no other here.

Q: Is there some general advice for us which would be most beneficial now?

IQRA: The information I would give, is to build upon information spoken previously here.

It regards the child within. From our own evolution we have learned much from our own childlike capabilities, and with us, as I say, it is such wonder of feeling; of experiencing through the emotion, and through the highest, divine method of exploration of feeling. The way we have evolved through this is, is through our own childlike capability; through wonder. And it has brought us much joy; much joy and fulfilment.

We have become a specialist race in this; in sense; in feeling. Therefore, it is my responsibility to share this with you; to explore your feelings to the utmost, and to be most, most attuned with the miracles within you own self. The of life; to be aware of it; to sense it; to attune with it.

The mere fact that you can breath is such a pure joy if one can dwell upon that alone. It has the most wondrous miracle within it.

The joy of seeing; to experience the kaleidoscope of colour; and then to feel the colour, it is wondrous.

The sense of hearing that you have is most beauteous. The music that you can fulfil yourself with, again, much wonder and joy to be gained from listening, and to really listen; to really take it in and to experience it.

So what I am saying is, immerse yourself, and be a child in them; be aware of the miracle of who you are. All things; the body that you have also, are pleasure. Pleasure within every molecule of your being, if you can but attune with it.

Your communication can also be so wondrous, so loving. It can evoke such feeling that is most beauteous. Be attuning with all of your senses, and be a child in that; a divine child, exploring your own beauty, and your own miracles, as, and when, you create them. This is my gift for you.

Before I go, I give thanks to you all for this opportunity to share and to communicate. Much love to you all, and to you sister.

JUDITH: Chi-Ean Essence is Green.


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Earth Healing Transmission, 1994, Adelaide, South Australia
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