Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ January 22 – 29, 2012
Channeled by:
January 22, 2012

Blessings Bright ; my day is always brighter when I get to speak to so many through this fine soul. I have much to talk about today.

Bright Hearts you have come far since infancy of this lifetime. You have grown, developed fine motor skills and large motor skills. You have learned to read and to write. You have learned how to communicate and how to express yourself. Your teachers were your parents, caregivers, older siblings, family members, family friends, school teachers, etc. Being on the path of light you have learned that some of what you have been taught wasn’t quite the truth, but at the time of the teaching, that was all the truth that was known and the lessons from those times have become old and dusty.

Since your awakening and discovering your own Light that is fuelled by unconditional light you have developed, nurtured and changed many of those teachings to suit who you are today. And from those experiences, those lessons, you have learned how important it is to allow a child or a new person to the Light to grow his or her own spiritual experience and not to force opinions and judgements. See where they wander, gently guide them when it’s required. When guiding a child towards a spiritual life, do not push to hard. Let the child learn at a pace that is comfortable for them and not to turn them into little adults. Their minds are just as sponge-like as your own yet grasp concepts differently. Give them room to breathe, just as you do a newly awakened sister or brother of the Light. Gentleness, kindness, love and compassion will be your biggest asset when working with others Bright Hearts regardless of their spiritual depth and understanding. Each of you are at a different place as you are meant to. That is so you can learn from one another as each of your progress. You will accomplish great patience as you continue along your journey Bright Hearts. Don’t rush it, let it come to you.

Spiritual progress is not like a yearly term at school or a work report that has a time on it for completion. Your progress is based on your understanding of concepts, ideas, what resonates with your heart, self-discoveries, acceptance, forgiveness, and so much more. There is no time put on any one’s journey. You move at a pace that is meant just for you and you take in the lessons provided for you to learn with grace and gratitude. As those lessons are helping to create a higher consciousness within each of you Bright Hearts. Since you have begun your journey, no matter how many years ago or how many days ago, you are discovering your educational background does not apply when you are working towards spiritual perfection of yourself and becoming one with ALL that is with you and with , and of course the Universe. We must not forget the vast Universe for it holds many wonders and takes care of you even if you are unaware. There are times when language between two people can be a hindrance, but not a barrier. When you are faced with another dear brother or sister of the Path that is not fluent in the language in which you are speaking, try and speak calmer and with empathy. Choose vocabulary that does not undermine their own intelligence but allows for understanding. And if need be, there are many language interpretations available free from this Internet that is so widely used nowadays. Find a way Bright Hearts to support all those that come to you for help or just to lean on your shoulder for a moment. You are a loving being, you are meant to love and to receive love and each and every day you receive love from your spirit guides and from .

It’s what is in your heart that is of value. Your beliefs, what you believe in – heart and soul, what moves and shakes you to your very core. It is not your job, your house, or level of intellect that we are impressed by. I tell you this to remind you Bright Hearts to remember who you are besides a person who goes to work, or goes to school; you are a child of God and you are making your way home to God, one step at a time. Within each of you is a heart of Gold. And each of you has a purpose that is beyond a pay-check and/or report card. Each time you move away from a challenging moment that had you praying for answers, you were heard and you grounded yourself, you dug deep within the core of your being and found strength and courage to continue. This strength and courage Bright Hearts is fuelled by God himself and by the many angels that work silently at your side. And after each lesson you progressed from Bright Hearts, you stepped closer to that union with God. The Oneness many of you are seeking within themselves also ties the connection to God a whole light tighter.

After each and every lesson, I ask of you Bright Hearts to remember to invoke the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is always present for you to use. Make a commitment to use the Violet Flame in every instance of your life, not only when you are at a low point or in the middle of challenge that has brought on difficult lessons. You move throughout your day around many different people. With some people, you may not be aware of their emotions or state-of-mind. It is important dear ones, to cleanse your spirit body often, daily if possible with the Violet Flame. This is to release any negativity, discord or disharmony that may have attracted itself to you.

When you notice yourself becoming criticizing of yourself and of others, I ask of you to step back and see where the hard words and thoughts are coming from and why. Come to terms with what is there that is causing the disruption. Many of you Bright Hearts are so hard on yourself; you do not give yourself enough credit when self-credit is long overdue. When you are being criticizing you are allowing judgements to cloud your perception of personal ideals, core values and believe it or not Bright Hearts, this kind of negative behaviour can trigger many health problems.

As soon as you can see this negative attitude, find the meaning, learn the lessons that are there and continue forward on your illuminated journey. The light will never leave you, I will not leave you, and neither will God. Dedicate yourself to your fine Father in heaven, feel His love wrap around you like a warm, snug blanket and KNOW in your heart that you are truly loved. It is only natural Bright Hearts to be thrown once in awhile off your Light course. It is how you react, respond and think that determines the many possible outcomes. Maintain a positive outlook and healthy and loving attitude at all times. Your loving heart will guide you through the darkest of days because you are filled by brilliant light that is always accompanied by God and His Love and Light.

There is much for you to experience and each growth will be proportioned to each challenge. You are accumulating wisdom at every step of your journey, do not think otherwise. Believe in yourself with love and compassion; treat yourself with kindness that is genuine. All your spiritual growth and development Bright Hearts will always effect your day-to-day life. Your own personal life will be enriched with an expanded elevation of values that you have learned to incorporate from all the reading and learning you have done so far. Your learning is not over, it never will be. There will lulls, there will be quiet times and it is wise to accept those quiet times as what they are. Any time during your trek on the path of Light you become disheartened because you feel tired, or not able to tap into your God given skills as brightly as before; use this time for reflection, self-care, meditations that encourage peace and enjoy the silence. Just when you become accustomed to the quieter times of your spiritual journey you will find yourself turned to different concepts and ideas, newer and enlightening ways to learn and share that will move you once again to faster but controllable pace.

We have covered so much today Bright Hearts. I will conclude our transmission today, bestowing upon each of you my unending love and devotion to each of you. Make use of my Bright Hearts during the many aspects of your journey. My does not require any specific spiritual advancement or achievement, only that your intent is pure and with love. I look forward to next week’s discussion. Share the love that is in your delightful heart with yourself and will all you meet. Allow the joy from the sharing fill your soul with deep harmony and contentment.

And so it is, Melchizedek through Julie Miller