2 2012


Introduction: I do readings for people (have for many years) this year I have been doing a wheel of the year which is a month to month look at the upcoming year, the year 2012 – world events and movements. This is the highlights or , what our focus will be on whether worldly or individually. As I would say to a client, if there is a trouble spot it is not absolute that instead if one puts light through intention, reiki or other ways then that can change the future. The choices we make will change the future we create. But because these influences have already begun to become manifest in the future I can sense the tendencies emerging into form. Below is the Wheel of the Year Reading for 2012:

Wheel of the Year Reading

Time of cutting away what doesn’t in our personal lives. In the world it will be a time where the ruthless try to seize power and the power brokers reveal their true natures. There will be more layoffs and people struggling to get by. But it is a month of truth, the truth within and the truth that will be revealed in the world. If your shadows are lurking this is the month they will emerge and so it is best to face the mirror now. As those who want to push forth their agendas of grow stronger, albeit temporarily, many will feel that they must defend what they believe in.

February: A time of change, the old ways are changing new is coming. Inventions, perspectives, perception and outlooks toward what once was toward what can be is changing. There may be more uprisings in the world and a movement towards equality that will be soundly heard. There will be a lot of talk, a lot of chatter and debates, but many will begin to see them as futile and turn away.

March:A time when work will be create, jobs will increase and those who have been looking will find. The earth itself will be on some level reconstructing itself through some natural disasters involving water but through that there will be healing and rebuilding, working towards more goals of . Individually, there will be a desire to build one’s life the way it is envisioned to bring forth the vision into reality.

April:Injustices will be revealed again as the purging cycle that began a few years ago continues this month. Lies, and those perpetuating lies, from big bank to big will be revealed to show their lies. It is a time when justice does not seem to be served for many but karma is taking its toll on some. A negative balancing of the karmic scales for some while others will find that their lives suddenly seem to flow effortlessly.

May: Movement, there are fresh new ideas and actions put forth, there is a general feeling that things can get better. Many people will be drawn to causes and volunteer work those who are on a light path may find that their goal to serve others will be more fulfilled this month. A month of progress and growth in all sectors.

June: Some of the previous months progress will experience setbacks as some of those who control the power in the world are feeling the pressure to change. Nevertheless, the impact of positive change will still push forward as the pushing back is weak.

July: New ways of making money for many, those who work with law of attraction will find they are able to manifest easier. There is both inspiration and messages from the other side coming through this month. A comet or other astral entity will come very close.

August: The world hunger due to a natural disaster late July or early August will keep everyone focused on what to do. There are several earthquakes this month and some of the seems that a conflict that has been lying dormant (war) will build up into an all out battle. Many will protest this latest battle putting pressure on their leaders to cease.

September: Creative responses to world problems, empathy and harmony will dictate this month as the collective becomes even more aware of the need for cooperation and sharing of the world’s goods. Individually it will be a time when we look at alternatives to lifestyles we had become accustomed to, as we search for new ways to make a living that are in more harmony with the earth and our spiritual natures.

October: Someone in power will be ousted, it may come violently, and as a shock to many, not all. The result will be an edgy feeling of uncertainty as to what will come next in the world. Individually we will be seeking less power or control and more ways to find solutions.

November: Home ownership and those who are homeless will come again to the world’s attention, particularly the . The imbalances many feel will be talked about while solutions may not be forthcoming easily, the talks at least will be sincere.

December: New ideas and a shift in energy, there will be news, disclosure delivered from an unexpected source. Change is upon us and there will be many who feel change within prominently this month. New leaders and those in power will understand that their power is not so powerful as the ability of the people to assert their rights will grow.

Summary: It is a year where many will awaken, be able to see the truth of whatever is presented before them and even if that truth is not good, be able to find love. This is the year of karma where what we give out will come back quickly and those who are awakened will see the pattern easily while those who are in the process will marvel at the “coincidences”. There will be power struggles this year as the powerful attempt to hold onto power, while those who struggle in the world will make great leaps forward and there will be greater understanding of their needs by many. There will be many lightworkers on the path of service this year, having awakened and now expanding their light to many. Even though there will still be injustices they will be revealed quickly and those who want to hide in secrecy will be unable to do so. The earth will shake and water disasters may arrive. There is a new war on the horizon that brings with it division among even the peacekeepers. The hope lies in that in each and every occurrence there is a greater rising up of lightworkers finding solutions and creating more harmony, similar to a wave that grows stronger with each recession from strife. We will know our roles more clearly and many will seek light roles whether that is their job or the passion, they will find new ways. Inventions, inspiration and channeled ideas are opening up as the veils between the world become thin. As the veils dissipate the truth will stand stronger and each and every situation that arises whether worldly or personally the truth will be apparent. Because the veils between the realms are thin, there are many guides, light beings who are working more closely with the lightworkers to effect change. Their presence will become more tangible than ever before.
It is a time when we will focus on giving love and receiving it, where we look to see how full our cups are before we ask for more, when we extend our cup to express the love within us outward.