Grandmothers Speak, January Message through Sharon McErlane

I’d recently received emails predicting this and warning about that. So many that frankly, I was sick of them. I didn’t want more predictions, but decided I wouldn’t mind a little practical advice. So I went to the Grandmothers.

“Grandmothers,” I said, “we could use something useful and uplifting. The new year has started and people are wary of this year. 2012 and all that,” I said. “If you have a helpful message for us, would you please give it so I can send it out?”

The Grandmothers didn’t say anything at first, but instead showed me the bouquet I’d put together earlier that day. With yellow narcissus and other flowers from the garden, it had an autumnal glow and gracefully branched in all directions. I didn’t know why they were showing it to me and wondered if the bouquet had something to do with my question.

“There is too much worry now,” the Grandmothers said. “Too much worrying going on. Stop it!”they said. “If you are worrying about the future, stop it now. Think of us instead. Look at us!” they grinned as they spread their skirts and swung from side to side. “We are happy,” they chorused. “We are always happy. We are happy because we live in love. We live in a constant state of love,” they said, “and so,”they laughed,”when you are in your right mind, do you!”

“It is the ego,” they said, “the contracted state of mind, that spends its time in worry. ‘What did I do wrong?’ it asks. ‘What will happen in the future? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with the world? I need to find a way to take control.” As they said this, the Grandmothers bent over, and holding their sides, they rocked with laughter.

“We assure you that nothing is wrong with you or with the world,” they said at last. “No matter how things look to you, nothing is wrong,” they said. “We showed you those flowers, because they are happy to be themselves–beautiful, fragrant and graceful. They know nothing is wrong. They are blooming. It is their nature to be beautiful, fragrant, and graceful,” they said.”It is their nature to bloom. It is also your nature,” they said, pointing at me. “You forget that you too are blooming. At this very moment you are in the process of becoming more than you have ever been. That is blooming,” they said.

Smiling, the Grandmothers shook their heads and said, “Turn your minds and hearts to us. Let us pour love into you. We will fill you full,” they said. “The power of love is great. It surrounds and envelops everything it touches. Let it,” they said. “Let the flow of love carry you forward now. The river of love is rising,” they said, “and as it rises, it will move all with it. Join in the flow,” they said. “Let love in. We adore you,”they said, “and will gladly fill you to capacity. Just call on us.

“Let go the things you’ve been grasping at, let go your fears, let go your anxieties. Let go,” they said.”We will hold you in love each day and night. ,” the Grandmothers said. “It is the only reality, the only truth.

“The ‘horrors’ that you see, hear, and read about aren’t lasting. They are only so much flotsam and jetsam,” they said. “The river of love will wash them away, will always wash them away,” they said.Love is the only real thing,” the Grandmothers said, “the only lasting thing. Love is all there is.

“Can you be satisfied with love?” they asked, cocking their heads.”Can you do without the daily dramas of life and be satisfied with just loving and being loved? It’s very simple,” they said.”Love won’t make you rich and it won’t make you famous,” they laughed. “It will make you happy.” And giving me a secret smile, the Grandmothers asked, “Would you settle for happiness?”