I received a beautiful message from the

….it is about the coming changes

for 2012 and how to navigate them…

it speaks to "living within the heart" and is

full of very power-filled information for those

who know they are on the bridge home

to Self….to Christed Consciousness…

to that which alone is real…

it speaks to the fact that the New Foundation

is here NOW….

it speaks of the power of the golden sun

you are that abides as you within you

right now…

enjoy it… here is the information …

be sure you are in a restful position and  drink it in..


you will want to re-visit this information as we

begin this New Year…..


a comment from one of the participants

of the "live channeling"


I want to tell you: at the point that they lighted the flame at my crown – I felt it. And I literally felt the love descend down through every part of me all the way through my feet. I was so entranced by that whole process – literally absorbing every word.


another comment…


I also wanted to say that last nights session was absolutely wonderful. I listened to it again this afternoon and it was just as beautiful the second time around.


Thank you for all you do for us Denisa…you are a Godsend for me.


here is the conference call number…

access code 315677#

reference #18….


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