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Channeled by:
January 13, 2012

Blessings dearest beloved children. I am anxious to begin.

So many are striving for eternal happiness and what a wonderful goal to strive for. Reaching your eternal happiness beloved ones will not come from allowing your feelings to do as they want. The disharmony that is apparent is from just that, allowing the feelings to take over. You must rise beloveds into your higher mental of your Christ-Self that is within each life stream and to feel the Purest of Love, perfection and beauty that is your key to eternal youth. You are able to reach and develop this dear children when you access your spirit guides for help when you are willing to listen, leaving your Ego behind. And listening with open hearts and minds.

Many of you through your journey so far have had difficult experiences to learn and evolve from. And you have done just that. So do not stop and dwell on those lessons as you have learned all that can. Take those lessons with and Compassionate Love and move forward dear ones. Move forward towards your home, your home that is forever unified with God and all that is. Include in all aspects of you current lifetime, in the NOW the purity of your , the purity of your thoughts, your actions, your words, your feelings once removed of all Ego. Your I AM Presence if you allow it will guide you to this new octave of yourself.

The journey for some of you has led you to many disillusioned truths. These were left for you to learn from and become a newly inspired being of brilliant light, eager to shine love onto the world around them UNCONDTITIONALLY and PURELY. You have met and witnessed many spiritual helpers that spoke with only their Egos present that were only expressing themselves for attention. They struggle within their own journey and create an unrealistic world. We ask of you to take your spirituality, and your journey to your pure heart with focus and true commitment of your spirit, mind and body. No matter what struggle you are facing dear beloved children, you have spiritual guides assisting you, supporting you and working with you in your many aspects of your spiritual and personal growth, and of course life. We ask of you as you do come across individuals with swollen Egos, to send them pure and unconditional love and unmistakable light. They are not without the deserving of love. They too like you, require love, devotion, support and compassion. Each dear soul on this Earth will reach their full spiritual and personal potential in a matter of Divine Time.

Dearest children there is a beautiful and bountiful future awaiting Earth and her inhabitants. Oh yes she is cleansing right as we speak. Clearing the way for the new. Just as you are clearing your past and old ways that no longer serve a healthy purpose. It is the way, and always has been. Constant change and re-birthing of oneself that brings in greater amounts of PURE love and light. During the many changes that have already taken place within your spirit body that you were aware of, did you give room for a tiny bit of selfishness? Or did you think with the openness of heart to learn and to become masterful and to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to help the next dear soul that shines their newly awakened light on your path for guidance?

There is not greater joy than committing yourself to God and to your I AM Presence. Your commitment gives way to your opportunities. All the prayers you are making you might think they are for your current progress towards your . What you do now dear ones effects your future lifetimes also. Each time you manifest or pray with as your goal you are establishing a flow of that expands to your next lifetime. The derived from your efforts will ripple through your PURE heart that has learned to live in ALL ways UNCONDITIONALLY. Your heart dear ones will expand and touch all those you are in contact with. Your love will flow openly and purely with no bounds other than to love. And to love unconditionally, as many of you already know and have mastered, is to love without any expectations or adding of attachments.

It is important during your journey to discover your chakras and recognize them as they hold your spiritual power. Each chakra has its spiritual power centre and own purpose and each chakra must be perfectly balanced and maintained. If one chakra is out of balance, it will definitely effect all other chakras. Each chakra has a specific colour is it is recommended you learn them well. They serve you constantly but it is you dear ones that must look after them. Learn to release the God Power that is concentrated through your chakras beloved ones.

I would like to conclude a reminder. In every aspect of your life is an opening to add PURITY. Purity is a simple expression of your most deepest of emotion and tenderness for yourself and for the people within your earthly existence. As I hold this dear child who is evolving even as we speak, I embrace each of you. The love I hold is eternally filled with joy and happiness and I have enough for all as I AM never-ending with Purity of Love.

And so it is, Elohim of Purity through Julie Miller