17 February 2012

Channeler: Kayla Yetman


Manifestation can be done and the only limits are the ones we hold on ourselves. Be a clear, grounded and a perfect channel with a deeper understanding of yourself and anything you may to work on in order to achieve all that you on your path. See yourself in perfection and love knowing that any 'flaws' or negative patterns that no longer serve you purpose are opportunities for your growth and expansion. Be clear on your intentions and hold courage, confidence and trust in your heart that you will create what you need most in life.


Hold crystal clear intentions today. Knowing you are safe from all lower vibrations of , move forward on your path by your focus in the moment of now and seeing the future as divinely brilliant. You can create all that need in life by being balanced, clear, grounded and lovingly trusting the flow of life. You are taking the right steps, and when the time comes trust your intuition and take the leap forward. Affirm: "I am balanced, clear, protected and grounded. I am clear on my needs and allow my guides and angels to aid me in manifesting them with ease. I am divinely supported and loved and know that universe will guide me and provide for me now."

~A message from Ascended Master .

Blessings and Love, Kayla Yetman ♥