10 February 2012


Tuesday, 7 February, 2012

In your own unique way, as guided by the resonant quality of your soul and the desire of the personality that calls you by name, you have crossed another threshold and found yourself in a new year.

You approach an invisible marker in time – one that may as well be chiseled in stone as your imaginations have built a monument to it — this year has earned a permanent entry in the logbook of your life.

The Mayan elders called 2012 the ' to infinity', a simple term with a double meaning – one that describes the realization of a and the other a daydreamer unable to awaken from the he invented.

The Mayan elders (not everyone) knew that they were living in a dreamscape – a projection of their own thought that made their world appear real in every way. They told their version of the story just as you tell yours today, and they believed it as sincerely as you believe yours. And then one day when it was time for the story to come to an end some (not all) of the Maya folded time and took themselves elsewhere. Others walked toward the sun or away from it until they reached another place. And they continued to live as men and women of earth.

Your world, a story that is still unfolding, is designed to present changes and challenges. These are meant to stimulate creativity; to keep you awake and aware of the process. The acceleration of time is one of the ways that your mind is triggered to keep up. The stress that you feel, properly aligned, would feel exhilarating and creative. Attempts to manage time with to-do lists and technological advances are a poor substitute for curiosity and adventure. We will treat this subject with an honest approach as the year unfolds, offering suggestions and exercises for mind, body and spirit, as the integration of all three is paramount this year!

See yourself as a celestial body in motion around a sun, or as riders on the back of a giant whale circumnavigating the globe. The journey is a fixed one, stable and well-known to those who have gone before you. It is also new, as each circle or orbit is unique to those who discover what the explorers of long ago learned – that all things change and are rearranged by patterns and forces that are natural and also defy . 2012 is a year to explore, to grow, and to discover. Find courage and bind it with creativity. You will see that they make daytime companions and nighttime lovers – dream! ~

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