February 16, 2012

AA Gabriel

[Hello my friend.] Hi Suzy, an update for you. [Super, I am ready.] Now in the dimensions are who have come forward to assist your beautiful planet. These came in a wave of and light at the invitation of Creator and God.

Some have incarnated, some have ‘walked-in’ some are standing beside your leaders and friends as the voice heard deep within their hearts. This is opening your own heart and in this experience you will develop greater intuitiveness.

While these teachers reach out to infuse their to the masses, they are letting you all know of their presence. Usually you write off such experiences as an anomaly; a world leader who has the interest for the greater good in mind or a stranger that says the most timeliest thing to you in passing. These experiences finds your hearts in an of lightness and gratitude.

This is the new way of recognizing love. It is using your antenna to know when others are with you in a love-filled capacity. The ease you feel is your indicator that a decision made or a person met is in the highest, greatest good.

Posts of lightness and joy are coded in your . Some of these teachers spend their days finding the posts with the highest vibration to send out to humanity. This is a good job for sure!

These beings/teachers are everywhere and they are here to tip the scale of the fifth dimension. They are here to invite you to imagine a new world of peace, prosperity and love. Give your heartfelt gratitude to these friends of high density and vibration.


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