February 17, 2012

[Hello Allendale.] Hello Lass. My, my, my it has been awhile. [Yes it has. I don’t know if that has been due to me, you or us both.] It has been a very interesting time for sure, these past few weeks. With the debate of ‘joy-rides’ and channeling in general your High and I felt it was best let the fur lay down a bit.

The truth is this; the event that Steve (Beckow) manifested was truly beneficial on many levels. It allowed others to open their minds to possibilities they wouldn’t have otherwise. It created a movement of hope. And although it didn’t produce the results that Steve sought, in many dimensions it laid the foundation that is necessary.

May I tell you what else has been going on, Tots? [I would love to hear!] In our time apart, I have been working hard to solidify the projects that David (Wilcock) and Ben (Fullford) have been focusing on. The picture I can give is this. While David and Ben have been in hot pursuit of new , I have opened the doors to others who can verify all they are reporting. Having a safe passage to justice is all these other brave souls require. That is my job, inter-dimensional body guard!

Given the likelihood that you will see an avalanche of good samaritans, like my friend , you and your friends are in for quite a treat. It is preview time to the best bloody show on Earth! No more teasers, we are getting down to business. You will see other whistleblowers and know what is about to happen. Lots of rubbish hitting the fan, Tots.

[I have wondering about Bill Wood, care to respond?] Sure thing. Bill is in the information business. He is highly regarded on my ship. He is the mouth piece for many and his ‘rough go’ out of the shoot was away of building a bridge of support for others coming behind him. He is the real deal, Lass. Allendale out.

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