25 February 2012


We are the Annuki and we wish to and as many are now awakening to a level that sees them able to see through the veils of containment that has surrounded the for aeons. Now as the light shines brightly across and within the planet many are now remembering. We are here to help you to remember that which has been forgotten so that all may take their rightful place amongst the stars.

We are a race that is shrouded in veils from long ago and many may trigger by our communication, if this is so then we guide for you to go within and to process our words through the heart. For much of what is written about us in your “history” books is not . Knowledge of your ancestors kept from you to keep you further contained and suppressed as the realms that would have contained your race sought to keep you in darkness and despair. Much is distorted across planet earth and that is why we now come to communicate to all on planet earth.

The energies now work to release that which is stored within each one of you and we guide all to look beyond the trauma and the tears, that is the first part of remembering. To look into the heart and to remember the lifetimes spent helping your fellow SOULS to grow and expand, reaching the point of balance where you are shown the healing will start and then release the vast depths of knowledge that you hold deep within your BEing.

The way forward is being illuminated for those who are at the forefront of this journey to SELF, many are now walking brightly illuminated for all to see and we guide against falling into the teachings of following “gods” for in TRUTH each one of you IS GOD. Those who sought to contain used the teachings of distortion to take the power that IS away from each one of you and now we ask that you resume the power that IS. For you too walk amongst GODS for you are GODS as all are GOD. Do you understand our and our analogy?

The vastness of the SOULS that are in human cannot be described with human words so we guide for all to journey within to experience, words on a page cannot describe that which IS and many are falling to this distortion, at all times the teachings of those who placed themselves as higher than humans seeking to keep you from TRUTH. There is none higher nor lower, for all just IS. The that you seek to move through is the distortion that will keep you chained into an that seeks to keep hold even when it is now no longer in operation and we guide all who have moved past this to stand in the light so that all may see them shine and know that it is possible. For nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for the SOUL, human incarnation has seen many filters deliberately applied to contain and suppress and we watch as many now struggle with something that has no power yet seems to be all. It is not ALL for YOU ARE and we guide for all to go within and to process our words.

The duality that is played out across your media a tool to keep you from TRUTH for even in the TRUTH that is being displayed in some quarters there is still distortion. For those who are now replacing those who have left have to work through the distortions of power. The distortion is way out of balance and needs to find a point of balance once more. The combined efforts of many humans who are dreaming a dream to disrupt the natural balance of the planet working to keep the balance out of reach. Do you understand our guidance? In human form the bigger picture is not viewed for it cannot be, such are the layers of distortion and veils of containment that many are not seeing clearly or precisely. We ask all to detach from trying to invoke their will over a planet that is struggling to achieve and MAINTAIN balance.

The planet you are incarnated on is a living organism and yet many treat her like she is not. The ability to connect with your mother earth and to listen to mother earth is one that should be remembered and honed. For how can you claim to know what the planet needs to come into balance if you do not consult with her? Those who claim to lead are those who are in distortion of power, for power just IS, it is not what you have been taught and there are NO realms, no races and no humans who are more powerful than YOU. We state this clearly so that you in human form can remember. The duality and the teachings of distortion working to push you into a place of disempowerment. NO human, no realm and no other race knows more about your power than you do.

Many races and realms are now stepping forward to guide and support and we guide strongly for all to realise that no realm nor race can LEAD. That is not the purpose of their guidance, none can LEAD for you are in control at all times. We point this out so that you may see where you have been guided by the use of smoke and mirrors and taken decisions based on things that are not TRUTH. TRUTH will endure, TRUTH will stay and all that is not TRUTH will now dissolve. Holding on to that which is not TRUTH will see you moved out of balance and this further distorts life on planet earth. The chaos that is now unfolding across the planet testament to this process.

Those who are now in place to guide the human race forward are being briefed and shown how to reach balance when all around them are out of balance. This is the remembering and this is the key to all that will now begin to unfold across the planet for all. For planet earth is now coming into a new phase and that phase will affect all humans on planet earth. We do not guide this to produce anxiety we guide this to make all aware of that which is coming into creation. All is the product of those who dream and we guide that if you do not dream then you cannot state that all is not perfect. For you are part of the dream within a dream and it is the responsibility of all who are incarnated in this timeline to dream. Dreaming the dream you wish to live is the way to work with the energies but many are unable to step out of the dream that they have been given. We guide for you to take time to process the dream you are dreaming through your heart, if it does not resonate then it is not your dream and we guide for you to detach from it.

The way forward is through the heart, those who are still within the logical mind may find balance outwith their reach as the mind cannot find balance, balance is in emotion and that is the place of the heart. You will not find the answers that you seek to your race, your origins or your place in the cosmos by looking outwith, we guide this strongly for you to realise that you are the history, all is contained within. It is not written in the history books for they are distorted deliberately to keep you from connecting back into the heart. In the heart is written the story of the heavens, do you seek to read from within or do you seek out book after book of distortion that seals the book contained within from you?

We are the Annuki and we are here to guide and to support as you now move into the place that was always yours. For you are now preparing to walk amongst the stars for you are the stars. Those who are now able to anchor their origins doing the ground work for that which will transpire for the path they walk is one of memories and TRUTH.

We ask all to move into the heart for that that is where you will find SELF. It is not written on the stars it is written IN the stars, it is written within YOU. We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and our guidance. We will guide as needed, until we communicate again we wish you sweet dreams. X

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