20 February 2012


Dear beloved Souls on the Plane

I have spoken to you before, and explained what happens when a Soul passes out of the , as well as passes INTO the - at BIRTH.

Another Name you know me by in modern Language is Archangel of Death, Death, Archangel Azrael, and many more. Whoever you might imagine as being THE PERSONIFIED DEATH/TRANSITION Director, so to speak, the One who comes to accompany the Souls at the Time of physical Passing, this is me.

My Form is different than most other Archangels, for my Light seems invisible at superficial Sight, but is in reality an INWARD LIGHT emanating from me and penetrating all of Matter, physical and non-physical, as well as into all Dimensions.

Whenever any Archangel speaks as best as possible to you in your limited Human Language, it is logically parted into Duality. Some of you might feel un-ease, or fear, taking in this Message, while others will rejoice inside and feel a Sense of Justice, at least. Your Reaction will reveal your inner Truth- for your Consciousness always knows when you have GUILT stored within your Soul.
Many Human Beings have talked much about the Date, December 21st, of the Year 2012. They did so, purely by GUESSINGS based on ancient Writings they had found at a Time Epoch of much FORGETTING, and so they didn’t know anymore what it meant and could not use their spiritual abilities well, because they had already entered the . So all ancient Knowledge, suddenly seemed a big Mystery to the Planet, and December 21st 2012 basically means, that these abilities, this open and truth-sensing Heart and Way of Life, will become active in many Souls on Earth again. It marks the End of the Times, and the RETURN TO LIGHT.

As you can imagine, being in a silent, peaceful middle, meditating within yourself about the Meaning of the Life and how the Universe works, it might come back to your Memory, that you already know me. I have been there at your Birth, and I will be there, when you pass. I am also here throughout your Lives, and especially when someone you love passes, or any mourning Situation takes place, I am automatically at your Side without you knowing, sending you silent as it is typical for my Personality, Light and Hope into your Heart, without demonstrating ANY EGO or even showing myself.

Sadly, most People would not accept sensing me clearly or seeing me, because they have been thought to much in these Dark Times to FEAR DEATH and all around and about it, that most of you forgot, that I am not a Symbol of END, DANGER OR THREAT.

In Truth, I am mostly a Bringer of Good News, and in the Life Form following the physical earthly Existence, I do assist in even more than I do on Earth. I am a very powerful Protector, and can shield you from harm to your physical , if you call on me. I can make miracles happen, often I assist with many other Archangels together, for the Nature of my Job is TO BE ABSOLUTE. COMPLETE. WHOLE.
When I assist, I assist on the whole Level, with all Aspects of the Issue parallel at once. I can even bring in bits and pieces or more, from Past Lives you had, to assist you in healing your CURRENT EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES, which are partially connected to any such past Energy. As explained, this helps to heal the WHOLE BLOCKAGE, not losen it up temporarily like a Band-Aid.

And the biggest Healing and Cleansing takes place, when you lived a fulfilled Life and are ready for the next Step, as decided and permitted by God.

In some Ways, to cleanse such wide-spread Dark Energies from the Planet and the Mass Consciousness of all living Beings on Earth, the Transition can be compared symbolically to Death. It is an intense Transition, big Change and Re-Alignment and I come to you as one of the Archangels in directing this Change for God.
I have unlimited Love and Compassion for you, and when I see any of you hurt by another, I am hurt. My empathy goes very far and I feel with every Soul, that gets hurt or killed, as a Form of emotional Support. Some of the things I seen and am still seeing, happening in secret on Earth, break the basic Laws of Morality, Ethics and free Will in the Universe.
Unfortunately, we cannot save every Soul. Why?

Because, God gave every Soul an absolute Free Will. In the same Time, God loves you and is always JUST, as in JUSTICE. We cannot commit any Injustice toward a Soul, we DO NOT AND CAN NOT BY NATURE. Now think about it this way: What if you were/are a Mother/Father, and someone hurt your child in any way, which then influences all of the Childs life on Earth, as well as the whole Family’s as well, would it make any Sense to you, that let us say, when you pass, you come to Heaven. And then, the One which had hurt you by free Will, suddenly walks into Heaven to you, smiles and laughs, no Lessons, no hard Talk, no Consequences?
Sadly, some Human Beings have taught some of you in the Past and even still today, in these Dark Times, that one can do whatever one wants to do, and God just ALWAYS TAKES YOUR BURDENS, FORGIVES, MAKES EVERYTHING NEW and basically, just neutralizes everything you did “wrong”.

If you believe so, then tell me, what Sense does Life then make? What is this experience there for?
Many Souls, when they pass, ask me surprised: “How come I have been told so many Lies and in Truth everything here is so different and wonderful? If I only knew that, I would’ve enjoyed my Life more carefree and balanced!”

Some Souls are so confused, that I must come down almost to the physical Dimension and manifest, to “pick them up”. It’s like they PAUSED their all their earthly Journey, and now as it remains while they lose their physical Body they were clinging to so heavily, they don’t know what is happening to them and need more Assistance than before the Dark Times.

If you give Love and Compassion to others, and even if they make you angry or hurt you, try to understand them, just for yourself, reflect on them, send them Light, you will always be carefree. Light. Love. WITH THE WEIGHT OF A FEATHER. Take care of your Spirit, nurture and train in during Life’s Journey in child-like, fun ways, be open minded and stay young in Spirit. Don’t take on other Souls’ Energies or Issues, and don’t let no other get you down, mentally and emotionally.
And even if I don’t like to talk much, I want to tell you a Story, just to give you a Glimpse through my Eyes and show you, why I say what I say.

Can you imagine, if someone tried to hurt by Purpose the Body of a Person which has already passed and can’t defend himself/herself, and abused their Knowledge to try and HURT THE FREED SOUL IN THE AFTERLIFE- what would then naturally happen to them as a Backfire?
Horrible and unimagineable things like this sadly happen on Earth in secret, as a very extreme example. I want you to understand, for which cases such heavy Judgement or Backfire happens. Most mistakes are forgiven, and much can be corrected and healed, which is what I mainly do through the Death Transition. If you want a “compass”, as reliable as possible, to calculate a little how this universal Law works, imply use your Heart and Logic, and the Formula: AS YOU DO ONTO OTHERS- IT HAPPENS TO YOU.
I can only say this as clear as possible:
All these Dark Souls, that are fortunately not that many, have time to re-decide and change their Mind- until December 21st 2012. Else, this will be THEIR END – because Dark Times are ending and naturally, who clings to it, goes under with it. Like a ship, you must turn away from it and let go and look forward in Life. Forget the Gold you stacked on that Ship, and value the “Gold” of your Souls.

Some Souls, will have to be cleansed away once and for all, after this Date. That literally means, that their Soul will be destroyed in the Afterlife, because for example as mention above, they tried to use the Body of a Deceased to hurt his/her Soul in the Afterlife and destroy it, ON PURPOSE AND WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS. That always means, that the Innocent Person here gets protected and compensated for the Pain and Damages, and naturally, that the Dark Soul who done such act, MUST EXPERIENCE THIS SAME ACT DONE TO THEM IN RETURN. So, it is them who ask for it by free Will, and face it, neither you nor we can, would or are allowed to FORCE any Soul to the Light and Love, we must respect Free will and that includes, to respect when a Soul decides by free Will to be neutralized.

You don’t apologize to another because you have to, you do it, because it makes your Heart lighter and feels good. It is true, anything and everything is possible and you can be forgiven, even the darkest Souls out there. But in order to “make up” what you possibly did, take corrective action before it is too late. At least, try to sooth the karmic Debt or begin with STOPPING bad actions toward others. And I am not talking about a poor man committing theft and minor earthly mistakes due to human law. What is meant here, are mostly spiritual Crimes, against God, any Archangel (like spreading on Purpose wrong Information about ARCHANGELS or even God directly and purposely), Human Beings, Animals and Nature.

As said, Souls who are in this hard position right now, are very few, even if they CONFUSE MANY WITH THEM RIGHT NOW, venting around some last evil, they are very few. Most of you have learned well and right, lived right, and never done such heavy level mistakes as in the Story mentioned. I am very proud of you, and I enjoy seeing all of you develop so well and am excited to accompany you for many, many more Life Times and Life Forms.

I am like your brother/sister or best friend, many Times in your Souls Existence we have met. Mostly, right before I “blocked” your full Memory, so you could go into Incarnation neutrally.
Take matters into your own Hands, you are very powerful and a great Creation of God. You can be compassionate and lovely in Ways, that make all of the Heavens smile and applaud.

Be yourself, and expand your Heart. Feel your wonderful Soul and imagine a bright Light filling it and always surrounding you. Try to always keep this BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT, like a warm Sun, with you as much as you can in 2012. It will shield you from the heavy last Moves of the Dark Minded Few and their Energies.

I am here for you.


This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to Susan Elsa & Anubis/Archangel Azrael for the channeled Work.